Empirical studies lie at the heart of software engineering (SE). Researchers increasingly face the need to demonstrate the validity of their technological solutions by conducting credible studies. The quality of these studies is a determinant of the success and future evolution of SE. Empirical studies conducted in industrial settings are particularly challenging because the actual environments are complex and what is first observable by researchers is only tip of the iceberg. Yet, investigative questions must be formulated, valid constructs need to be defined, trust needs to be in place, quality data must be gathered within small time-frames available, etc. In essence, researchers often need to start running when they haven't quite learnt how to walk. The aim of this workshop is to discuss challenges and experiences in conducting empirical studies in industrial settings; discuss strategies for overcoming them; debate about the limitations of contemporary research methods; and project towards their resolutions. Arguments, both positive and negative, will be sought from both industry and academic participants so that the empirical community has an improved understanding of the subject matter.

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Workshop Topics Recognising important issues in practice that would trigger the need for conducting empirical studies in actual projects Formulating relevant investigative questions, responses to which would benefit the purpose of the study Improving comm


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  • 20 May.


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