The theme of the 37th COMPSAC conference is The Expanding Sphere of Software and Data. The emergence and increasing importance of digital society, cyber-physical systems, and semantic, pervasive, and mobile computing are expanding the role of software and applications. Associated with these paradigms are instruments, sensors, and a multitude of applications that generate and require analysis of massive volumes of diverse, complex, and distributed data. Knowledge, tools, practices, and infrastructures related to software and data have begun to evolve to cover this expanding sphere, while addressing grand challenges brought about by the complexities and uncertainties of the physical world and the heterogeneity and massive scale of the cyber infrastructure and the data it produces and requires. Beyond the core emphasis areas of the conference, COMPSAC 2013 will provide additional tracks, special sessions, panels, and keynotes in order to facilitate discourse on and deepen the understanding of these challenges by furthering the fundamental contributions needed for advances in software and breakthroughs in big data analytics.

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Topics of Interest (Tracks) All COMPSAC 2013 track descriptions Internet Architecture and Applications Network Security Network Middleware, Cloud Architecture, and Computing Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Networking and Internet of Things Software Life Cycle,


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