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On behalf of the 2014 Programme Committee, it is a great pleasure to introduce the first African Health, Safety, Security, and Environment and Social Responsibility Conference and Exhibition, hosted by the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Please accept our invitation to attend this unique conference and share your research and professional experiences with colleagues from around the globe. Aiming high, we believe we have set the appropriate conference theme: “Protecting People and the Environment: Getting it Right for the Development of the Oil and Gas Industry in Africa.” For more than a decade, SPE has organised conferences on this increasingly important area of the oil and gas industry. By submitting a paper to this conference, you will be providing invaluable opportunities for sharing knowledge, experiences, best practices, and research findings. You will also have the opportunity to network with professionals and key stakeholders in the industry. The situation in Africa is unique. Culture, sensitive ecosystems, poverty, infectious diseases, infrastructure and services and security challenges are parts of every-day life. When you consider the activities of insurgents in some areas, it becomes clear that the health safety and environment areas of our industry face enormous challenges. It has also become obvious that the lives and skills of personnel must be protected, not only at work, but at all times. Social responsibility remains a major challenge. And though expectations of communities and oil companies may sometimes diverge, finding common ground is an essential component of our mission. Fortunately, the industry has knowledge and experience that, when applied, can make a positive difference. We look forward to a truly international audience, and we hope to facilitate rich and robust interactions among oil and gas companies, service companies, regulators, civil societies, professional organisations, host communities and government ministers. Paper proposals can be submitted online through 24 November 2013. With Nairobi as its backdrop, this event promises to be stimulating and productive.
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