Agent technology is one of the most vibrant and active areas of research and development in information technology. Multi-agents and mobile agent technologies are making significant impacts upon almost all aspects of computing discipline. Boldly speaking, they are underpinning the profound changes taking place in our information society. One of the admittedly most successful applications is in global business partnerships, directly due to the nature of the problem. In fact, virtual organizations and e-commerce have become fashionable practices of today's global businesses. At the right time, agents act as key components in the Internet-wide information and e-commerce systems that are currently being developed across the globe, and multi-agents and mobile agents provide most feasible and effective computational frameworks for contemporary business practices. In answer to such a trend at the beginning of this exciting new millennium, MSEAT‘2014 aims to establishing a responsive, active and valuable world-class academic forum for executives, managers, practitioners and academicians from multi-agents, mobile agents, software agents, mobile environment, ubiquitous or pervasive environment, virtual organizations and e-commerce, in particular their crisscrosses.

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Abstract submission deadline:2014-03-01

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This workshop covers some important aspects of Mobile Systems, E-Commerce and Agent Technologies, especially in Ubiquitous or Pervasive Environment. The technical issues to be addressed include, but are not limited to:  Agents: o Agent archi


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  • Dr. Jason C. Hung