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The increased power and interconnectivity of computer systems available today create the ability to store and process large amounts of data, resulting in networked information accessible from anywhere at any time. It is becoming easier to collect, exchange, access, process, and link information. This global scenario has inevitably resulted in an increasing degree of awareness with respect to privacy. Privacy issues have been the subject of public debates, and the need for privacy-aware policies, regulations, and techniques has been widely recognized. The goal of this workshop is to discuss the problems of privacy in the global interconnected societies and possible solutions to them.
The workshop seeks submissions from academia and industry presenting novel research on all theoretical and practical aspects of electronic privacy, as well as experimental studies of fielded systems. We encourage submissions from other communities such as law and business that present these communities' perspectives on technological issues. 

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline

Submission Topics

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
anonymity, pseudonymity, and unlinkability    

privacy in cloud and grid systems    
privacy in outsourced scenarios
crowdsourcing for privacy and security     
privacy and confidentiality management    
privacy policies
data correlation and leakage attacks     
privacy and data mining     
privacy vs. security
data security and privacy     
privacy in the digital business     
privacy in social networks
electronic communication privacy     
privacy in the electronic records    
privacy threats
economics of privacy     
privacy enhancing technologies     
privacy and virtual identity
information dissemination control     
privacy in health care and public administration    
privacy through accountability
models, languages, and techniques for big data protection     
privacy and human rights     
public records and personal privacy
personally identifiable information    
privacy metrics    

user profiling
privacy-aware access control    
privacy in mobile systems     
wireless privacy
privacy and anonymity on the Web    
privacy in online education

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Important Date
  • Nov 03


    Conference Date

  • Jul 30 2014

    Draft paper submission deadline

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