The 2014 IPCC conference will serve as a meeting ground for discussions about communication and learning — in the classroom, in the workplace, as a lifelong process. At IPCC, the annual conference of the IEEE Professional Communication Society, we provide a home for professional engineers, technical communicators and academics to meet, share ideas, and be inspired by one another. The result is a cross pollination between industry and academy that conference attendees consistently find energizing. This year’s conference theme, “Meeting Grounds: Lifelong Learning from Classroom to Workplace,” emphasizes this cross pollination of ideas.

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Example Topics Innovations in teaching methods, assessment, or curriculum development Success stories about building bridges from classroom to industry Cross-cultural/intercultural learning Approaches to creating, managing, and delivering technical and professional communication How new media shape, constrain, facilitate, or create affordances for learning Learning through both visual and verbal means Lessons and best practices learned from industry Original research contributing to learning theories and practices in engineering communication New and innovative technologies applied to technical/professional communication Innovative applications of technology to support learning and collaboration Techniques for measuring the effectiveness of professional and technical communication Applications of learning science theory and research to practice The places and spaces where learning takes place Analysis of case studies that further our learning about professional and technical communication Other topics related to technical/professional communication Strategies and best practices for teaching visual and oral communication How collaborative teams function to create and communicate a design and a product
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    Oct 15


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