This is a special year for the CogSIMA conferences. It is the 5th annual conference! It is also 10 years since the first situation Management Workshop, SIMA 2005 was held. We are looking forward to another year furthering research in the area of Cognitive Situation Awareness and Decision Support. The aim of the CogSIMA conference is to provide a venue for presenting scientific results of multi-disciplinary studies specific to complex heterogeneous dynamical systems that include humans, computer systems and physical systems whose behaviors depend on situations. The goal of the CogSIMA conference is to bring together academic, industry, and military researchers in the fields of Computer Science, Human Factors, Cognitive Science and Experimental Psychology to develop interdisciplinary approach to situation awareness and decision support systems.

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The solution to the above-mentioned problems requires multi-disciplinary research that addresses the topics listed below. Studies of concepts of situation, context, event, goal, intention, action, behavior in the in the context of hybrid interactive human-machine systems Theories of situational awareness Modeling of situations – model acquisition, adaptation and learning Situation specification languages Situation dependent information integration and fusion Situation perception, comprehension, tracking, prediction, adaptation and learning Models of human-machine collaboration, hybrid and shared cognition Situation ontologies Theories of relevance and sharing of situational awareness Cyber-Physical Situation Management Methods of actions planning, collaborative decision support Approaches to spatial and temporal reasoning, reasoning about goals, intentions and actions, and collective reasoning by teams of human and/or machine agents Advancement of situational control theory, including situational feedback, goal assessment and optimization, situational games with nature and adversaries, reflective situational control, and collective situational behavior Metrics and evaluation of performance of hybrid human-machine systems Architectures, systems, platforms and tools for situation awareness and decision support Applications and case studies


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