Biometrics is the leading edge direction pattern recognition, image processing, artificial intelligence and other disciplines, but also the security strategies of high-tech, new growth point of national and public security of the electronic information industry. China Biometric Conference began in 2000 in Beijing, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Guangzhou, Shandong has successfully hosted the eighth, a strong impetus to the development of biometric disciplines and application promotion, as well as domestic biometric academia and industry peers It provides a platform for exchanges and cooperation. Ninth China Biometric Conference (CCBR2014) from Shenyang University, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Automation, Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence industry and, jointly organized by the Shenyang Industrial University, will be held in November 2014 in Shenyang 7-9. This session of scientists, an open call for academic excellence (in English), the Conference of the manuscript will be hired publisher Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences (LNCS) series of books published by EI and ISTP retrieval. In addition, the conference also organized a national biometric algorithm competitions, welcome domestic and foreign researchers to participate actively.

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