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Inaugurated in 1994, the GEO exhibition is the premier showcase of oil & gas exploration technology and services in the Middle East, attracting NOCs, IOCs and major operating companies. Regular high profile international exhibitors include supermajors Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell and Total and service industry giants BGP, CGG, Halliburton, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Schlumberger and Weatherford. A host of specialist suppliers and distributors, numerous new entries to the Middle East market and large national groups from North America and the UK complement this line up.

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2016-01-16 00:00:00
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1970-01-01 00:00:00
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1970-01-01 00:00:00
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1970-01-01 00:00:00
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Submission Topics

1. People in Geoscience The Talent Crisis and Strategies to Engage the “Gaming Generation” Improved Utilisation of Existing Staff and Methods to Accelerate the Development of Geologists and Geophysicists Major Forces Impacting the Global Competition for Talent Partnerships with Academia Geoscience Education in the Middle East Young Professionals 

2. Reservoir Characterisation New Approaches to Reservoir Characterisation and Modeling Advancements in Geostatistical Methods Recovering and Identifying By-passed Hydrocarbons and Reservoir Compartments Developments in Reservoir Modeling Fluid Identification Reservoir Quality Prediction Rock Properties, Rock Typing Reservoir Quality and Outcrop Analogues Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Low Matrix Porosity Reservoirs Identifying and Recovering (EOR) Case Studies Reservoir Monitoring 

3. Advances in Seismic Acquisition and Processing Near Surface Challenges Seismic Acquisition Processing and Imaging Broadband Seismic Multicomponent Seismic Simultaneous Seismic Data Acquisition 

4. Advances in Seismic Interpretation Quantitative Seismic Interpretation Thin Reservoir Detection 4D Seismic/Time Lapse Seismic Inversion Seismic Attributes 

5. Advances in Borehole Seismic VSP & Well Bore Seismic Passive and Microseismic 

6. Advances in Non Seismic Technologies Joint Inversion Gravity and Magnetics Electro Magnetics Remote Sensing 

7. Data Management and Information Technology Data Management & Integration Geosteering GIS Systems Advanced Real Time Visualisation High Performance Computing 

8. Petrophysics Lab Core Studies Rock Properties, Rock Typing Core to Log Calibration Reducing Uncertainty of Hydrocarbon Saturation LWD – Logging While Drilling Fracture Identification and Analysis Borehole Imaging Low Resistivity Pay Normalisation SCAL 

9. Geological Studies and Basin Modeling Advances in Organic Chemistry Basin Modeling Petroleum Systems Analysis Tertiary, Mesozoic, Paleozoic Hydrocarbon Systems Exploration Plays Regional Geology of the Middle East Recent Depositional Systems Source Rock Systems Tectonic History Sequence Stratigraphic Studies 

10. Risk Management Risk and Portfolio Management in Exploration Managing HP/ HT Reservoirs H2S Shallow Drilling Hazards Pore Pressure Prediction 

11. Hydrocarbon Exploration New Exploration Concepts New Discoveries Stratigraphic Traps Correlating Non-Fossiliferous Beds Analogues Carbonate and Clastic Stratigraphic Tools and Techniques New Geochemical Techniques Breakthroughs in Reservoir Prediction 

12. Harvesting Unconventional and Challenging Resources Tight Gas Reservoirs Heavy Oil Coal Bed Methane Basin Centered Gas (Deep Gas) Fractured Shale Shale Gas Fractured Basement Shale Oil Tight Oil Reservoirs Sour Gas 

13. Rift Basin Exploration Subsalt Imaging Structural Controls Outcrops to Subsurface Red Sea Drilling Red Sea Hydrocarbon Plays Rift Basin Analogues 

14. Rock Physics Digital Rock Physics Carbonate Rock Physics Unconventional Rock Physics Mechanical Rock Properties 15. Integrated Case Studies 16. The Role of Geoscience in Water and Mineral Exploration

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