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The AAPG Middle East GTW Exploring Mature Basins is a three-day workshop that begins 11 April, 2016 in Bahrain. With oil exploration continuing in the Middle East for over 80 years, it is readily apparent that most of the producing basins are mature here as in many oil provinces around the globe, yet significant quantities of hydrocarbons are discovered annually.

The workshop will be dedicated to advancing ideas and technology to find undiscovered resources in mature basins. It will delve into methodology for hydrocarbons Yet-to-Find estimation. It will stimulate ideas for new plays, stratigraphic and diagenetic trap concepts, and new source and migration ideas.

The workshop will focus on finding by-passed pay with petrophysical technology, modern mudlogging, core and geochemical analysis. Low Resistivity/Low Contrast pay is a big issue in many carbonate reservoirs of the Middle East.The workshop will have a session on non-Archie methods of improving determination of water saturation as a means of finding by-passed pay and increasing resources by addressing producible oil in the transition zone. New r esources can be unlocked by improving understanding of complex reservoirs.

The workshop will discuss seismic technology for improved imaging of reservoir architecture.

Case studies will be presented illustrating improved understanding of reservoir architecture by the application of chronostratigraphic, over traditional lithostratigraphic interpretation.

Unconventional and challenging reservoirs are the main theme of many exploration workshops and certainly play into exploration in mature basins. This workshop will have a session on exploration for and stimulation of tight reservoirs. The workshop will encourage interdisciplinary collaboration through open discussions and breakout sessions.

Benefits of Attending

This workshop will present a wealth of ideas to revitalize exploration in mature basins. The workshop will present case studies and state of the art technology that can help find and book new resources within and around mature fields. This workshop will provide the opportunity to network and share experiences. Participants will receive a USB containing abstracts of talks and poster sessions that are presented.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is encouraging participation of a cross section of geoscience, geotechnical, exploration, and exploitation disciplines: geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, stratigraphers, petrophysicists, and reservoir engineers.

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