This conference aims to stimulate new ideas and joint industry-academic ventures that can accelerate the exploration and development of shale oil resources in mature petroleum source kitchens in petroliferous basins. Such further advances are likely to be among some of the most significant developments for the oil and gas industry in the next decade as conventional petroleum traps become depleted, while unconventional resources –show continual improvement in productivity, but are inefficient in recovery factors. The conference will provide a venue for both industry and academic geoscientists to increase awareness of the needs and interests of each party and focusing on emerging concepts, novel technologies, and global case studies. Among the key goals of the conference is to generate new research opportunities, to try and develop paradigm shifts, and to raise awareness of the cross-disciplinary skill sets that are needed to solve problems related to making shale oil resources environmentally and economically successful.


The conference aims to gather experts from multiple disciplines. Likely participants will include academic and industry scientists with technical backgrounds in petroleum geology, geochemistry, petrophysics, reservoir characterization, fluid flow, basin modeling, seals, reservoir geophysics, and petroleum engineering. New and different perspectives will be sought from researchers in fields that are not traditionally linked. For this reason, the conveners will also strongly encourage applications from researchers in related fields such as hydrogeology, visualization methods and numerical modeling. The conference will be open to students so long as they are able to actively contribute. Participants must be prepared to share original ideas and participate in the discussions.

The conference will be limited to approximately 150 participants.

Registration Fees

Registration fees will be determined by AAPG after final venue is established. Registration will include full board for 3 nights, including meals and refreshment. Reduced fees should be available for students.

Sinopec is willing to pick up the cost for meals and refreshment for all delegates, plus full costs for a limited number of invited speakers. It is believed that additional sponsorship can be obtained from a number of other oil companies in Beijing.

Call for paper

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline:2016-06-03


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Important dates

  • Conference Dates

    21 Oct.



    23 Oct.


  • 03 Jun.


    Abstract submission deadline

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