AAPG Asia Pacific Region has selected the above topic for its second GTW in New Zealand – a global showcase for geological processes and systems with its active plate boundary setting and complex multi-stage evolution.

Typically, indications of volcanic or intrusive bodies is regarded as a threat to prospectivity. Increasingly however, it is observed that commercially significant petroleum systems overlap with a wide petrogenetic range of magmatic provinces. Volcanic systems impact on petroleum systems in a myriad of ways, but they do not destroy them or necessarily diminish their viability. No doubt considerable resources remain to be discovered when the interplay between igneous and petroleum systems is better understood.

This workshop will feature case studies and synthesis from around the world and across the spectra of petroleum and igneous petrogenetic systems, with the goal of improving geologists’ insights and ability to explore effectively where magmatic activity may have complicated petroleum systems analysis.

The workshop will comprise four half-day sessions:

  • Volcanic and igneous intrusive structures in sedimentary basins: morphology and modes of emplacement
  • Igneous activity, source rock maturation and charge
  • Volcanic and volcaniclastic oil and gas reservoirs
  • Reservoir quality of conventional reservoir systems in conjunction with magmatic systems

Each session will involve a keynote presentation, a series of selected presentations consistent with the session theme, and an interactive panel discussion.

Poster displays will provide further material for discussion. The venue Oamaru is a coastal town within the Canterbury Basin, where late Eocene-Oligocene submarine volcanics are interleaved with contemporaneous carbonate and fine grained clastic strata. The workshop will incorporate a field component.

Who should attend:

Geologists, Geophysicists, Basin Analysts, Seismic Interpreters, Sedimentologists, Volcanologists, Petrologists.

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    14 Mar.



    16 Mar.


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  • Adrienne Pereira