We are pleased to announce that the Seventeenth International Vacuum Electronics Conference (IVEC 2016) will be held on 19-21 April 2016 in Monterey, California. With technical co-sponsorship from the IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS), the conference will provide a forum for scientists and engineers from around the globe to present the latest developments in vacuum electronics technology at frequencies ranging from the UHF to THz frequency bands.


IVEC was originally created in 2000 by merging the U.S. Power Tubes Conferences and the European Space Agency TWTA Workshops. Now a fully international conference, IVEC is held every other year in the U.S., and in Europe and Asia alternately every fourth year. After the successful and enjoyable meeting in Beijing, China in May, IVEC 2016 will return to its beautiful U.S. location in the city of Monterey.


This website is your best source of information about IVEC 2016, including Paper Submission, Registration, Accommodation, and other important dates and events. You can also can learn more about IVEC by visiting, the EDS Vacuum Electronics Technical Committee website. We will be updating these sites with new information over the next few months, so check back periodically to get the latest news.

Call for paper

Submission Topics

Technical Subject Categories

1. Vacuum Electron Devices    

  • Traveling-wave tubes (all types)
  • Crossed-field devices (oscillators and amplifiers)
  • Klystrons
  • Spatially-distributed electron beam devices
  • Inductive output tubes
  • Fast-wave devices (gyrotrons, gyro-amplifiers)
  • Free electron lasers and masers
  • mm-Wave and THz amplifiers and oscillators
  • Pulse compression devices
  • Plasma-filled amplifiers and oscillators
  • High-power microwave devices / RF directed energy
  • Triodes, tetrodes and pentodes
  • Power switches

2. Vacuum Electron Sources and Technologies

  • Thermionic emitters
  • Non-thermionic emitters (e.g. photocathodes, secondary emitters)
  • Field emitters / arrays
  • Materials and technology
  • Cathode design, fabrication, and characterization
  • Accelerator emission physics (breakdown, halo, emittance)
  • Flat panel displays

3. Systems and Subsystems

  • Microwave and millimeter-wave power modules
  • Electronic power conditioners, modulators, and supplies
  • Linearizers
  • Amplifier/antenna coupling
  • Device and system integration
  • Reliability

4. Technologies

  • Component parts (e.g. guns, circuits, windows, collectors)
  • Analysis and computer modeling
  • Novel materials (e.g. dielectrics, coatings, magnetic materials)
  • Metamaterials
  • RF breakdown
  • Linearity, intermodulation, and noise
  • Novel measurement techniques and diagnostics
  • Miniaturization
  • Thermal power management and control
  • Sensors and detectors

5. Applications of Vacuum Electron Devices

  • Defense
  • Space
  • Radar
  • Telecommunications
  • Medicine
  • Particle accelerators
  • RF interference
  • Instruments and lithography
  • Materials processing
  • Electric propulsion
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    Apr 19



    Apr 21


  • Apr 21 2016

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