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Wireless networks, especially radio access networks, are a major consumer of electricity worldwide, thus contributing significantly to global warming. While the exact numbers may vary across sources, it is generally agreed that this energy consumption amounts to a few percent of the total consumption worldwide. Despite improvements in energy efficiency, the total energy consumption by wireless networks is escalating due to rapid densification and expansion of radio access networks, which is necessary to cope with the exponential growth of mobile Internet traffic. As a result, the sustainability of the growth of mobile Internet applications and services is under threat. In the past decade, the fast expanding carbon footprint of wireless networks has motivated researchers to conduct active research on energy efficient and sustainable networks, which is generally referred to as "green networks" and is the theme of this workshop.

This workshop invites high-quality contributions with the aim of providing its attendees a comprehensive and in-depth view of the latest advancements in green networks, ranging from network performance analysis to networking algorithms and protocols.

Call for paper

Submission Topics

The scope of this workshop covers but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Energy harvesting networks

  • Energy cooperating networks

  • Energy efficiency for wired, wireless, mobile, and core networks

  • Green data center networks

  • Green network architectures

  • Energy efficient communication techniques and algorithms

  • Energy efficient resource allocation techniques

  • Green medium access protocols and channel assignment

  • Energy-aware routing protocols

  • Measurements and models for energy consumption of wireless networks

  • Energy-efficient vertical handover for heterogeneous wireless networks

  • Cross layer optimization for maximum energy efficiency

  • Energy-efficient protocols for wireless sensor networks

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  • Jun 09


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