MMSP 2016 is the 18th International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing. The workshop is organized by the Multimedia Signal Processing Technical Committee of the IEEE Signal Processing Society. This year’s event has a theme of Enhancing the Multimedia Experience in the 21st Century.

The workshop will take place from 21 to 23 September 2016 in the city of Montreal in Canada.

The multimedia communications industry is going through a phase of rapid development and new services are emerging continuously, such as multimedia telepresence, augmented and virtual reality, immersive gaming, multimedia human-computer interfaces, and novel sensory interfaces, to name a few. Moreover, traditional multimedia content (e.g., audio, video, images) is increasingly being delivered over heterogeneous networks and consumed in a wide variety of formats, bit and compression rates, and display sizes. Ultimately, the success or failure of an emerging multimedia service will rely on the end-user’s perception of quality and quality-of-experience. As such, in order to remain competitive, service providers have to ensure that end-users are delivered media content that is fulfilling, engaging, and, of course, of high quality. This is not a simple task and requires insights from multiple disciplines, such as engineering, computer science, psychology, and cognitive science, to name a few. The goal of the 2016 International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing will be to bring experts from such interdisciplinary domains to discuss ways of Enhancing the Multimedia Experience in the 21st Century.

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Submission Topics

Papers are solicited in (but not limited to) the following areas, covering not only the workshop’s theme, but also the general scope of multimedia signal processing:

  • Augmented, mixed and virtual reality

  • Multiple sensorial media (mulsemedia) and multimedia environments

  • Multimedia signal processing in immersive gaming

  • Multimedia enhancement

  • Human-centric multimedia signal processing

  • Affective computing and cross-media sentiment analysis

  • Media algorithm optimization and complexity analysis

  • Multimedia applications in the humanities (finance, business analytics), health, and consumer domains

  • Image/video coding and processing

  • Speech/audio coding and processing

  • Multimedia traffic, communications and heterogeneous interactions

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