International Conference on Digital Forensics, Readiness and Investigation (Digital Forensics 2016) is an international referred conference dedicated to the advancement of Computer Forensics, Digital Forensics, Mobile Forensics Electronic Discovery, Network Forensics, Forensic Readiness, Digital Investigation and Chain of Custody. We welcome new and innovative contributions that provide insight to theoretical underpinnings, foundational research, methods and practical implementation of mobile forensic systems, advances in the implementation, design and practices of digital investigation, and the implications of use of such systems in the ecosystem.

The aim of the Digital Forensics 2016 is to encourage participation and promotion of collaborative scientific, industrial and academic inter-workings among individual researchers, practitioners, members of existing associations, academia, standardisation bodies, and including government departments and agencies. The purpose is to build bridges between academia and industry, and to encourage interplay of different cultures.

Digital Forensics 2016 invites researchers and industry practitioners to submit papers that encompass principles, analysis, design, methods and applications. All submitted papers will be independently peer-reviewed.

Call for paper

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline:2015-03-06

Topics of submission

The topics in Digital Forensics 2016 include but not limited to:

  • Computer Network Forensics

  • Seizure, Preservation and Analysis

  • Handling Evidence, Tampering and Contamination

  • Evidence Practices

  • Network Forensics

  • Database Forensics

  • Application Forensics

  • Mobile Devices Forensics

  • Smartphone, Tablet and PDA

  • Flash and RAM Memory Analysis

  • Emerging Techniques in Mobile Forensics

  • Live Forensics

  • Digital Profiling

  • Cyber Crime

  • Live Network Analysis

  • Live Computer Crime Analysis

  • RAM, Flash and Volatile Memory Analysis

  • Forensic Readiness

  • Processes and Procedures

  • Forensic Readiness Policy

  • Standards

  • Technical Controls

  • Design Requirements for Cyber Forensics

  • Theoretical Underpinnings to Cyber Forensics

  • Managing Cyber Forensics Investigations

  • Testing Frameworks for Forensics Tools

  • Teaching Digital Forensics

  • Investigation

  • Cyber Crime Investigation

  • Computer Breach Investigation

  • Compromise, Vulnerability Exploits Investigation

  • Investigative Process

  • Investigative Procedures

  • Chain of Custody

  • Preparedness

  • Admissibility

  • Audit Trails

  • Open Source Tools & Application

  • Live Analysis

  • Video and Voice Recognition Systems

  • Electronic Discovery

  • Network Analysis Tools

  • Discs Analysis Tools

  • Encryption Analysis Tools

  • Steganography

  • Forensic Law

  • Legal Admissibility

  • Evidential Standards

  • Forensic Policy

  • Traffic Analysis

  • Digital Evidence

  • Jurisdiction

  • Country and Borders Powers/Authority

  • Presentation of Digital Evidence in a Court of Law

  • Copyright Infringement Crimes


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