The University of Texas at Austin in collaboration with Tongji University and East China Normal University, will host an international symposium entitled: Ecological Wisdom Inspired Urban Resilience Building: Strategies, Tenets, and Practice on November 17-20, 2016 in the city of Austin, Texas, USA. The symposium provides an international forum for transgenerational, transphilosophical, and transdisciplinary explorations; and will feature paper presentations which will later be considered for inclusion in Springer-Nature EcoWISE book series under the same theme.

Call for paper Submit paper

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline:2016-05-15

Final paper submission deadline:2016-11-01

Topics of submission

  • Ecological wisdom knowledge domain and manifestation

  • Relationships between ecological wisdom and contemporary science and technology

  • Exemplary cases and revelations from trans-cultural and transdisciplinary traditions

  • Theoretical frameworks of ecological wisdom research and practice

  • Theoretical core of ecological wisdom and research methods (e.g., the nexus of ecological theoretical wisdom—ecosophy and ecological practical wisdom—ecophronesis)

  • Social-learning in ecological wisdom acquisition and ecophronesis  

  • General principles of ecological wisdom and its application in contemporary landscape planning, design, and management


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  • Ying Chen