Horticulture is a major contributor to export earnings from the New Zealand primary industries, and research-based innovation is key to maintaining its competitive advantage, particularly the breeding of new cultivars with, for example, Zespri® SunGold kiwifruit and Jazz™ apples leading the way. Today, the application of genetic markers forms the cornerstone of most New Zealand breeding programmes, and genomic selection is fast being adopted for many crops. The International Society for Horticultural Science and Plant & Food Research invite you to take this opportunity to exchange information on the latest developments in the use of genetic markers in plant research, ranging from germplasm characterisation to genotyping-by-sequencing, marker assisted selection to gene editing. We envisage that the term ‘Horticulture’ will be applied in its widest sense, and invite presentations on molecular marker research in arable and agricultural crops as well as fruit, nuts, vegetables and flowers. The Symposium will take place in Hawke’s Bay, one of New Zealand’s key production regions for horticultural crops, such as pip- and stonefruit, viticulture and a range of vegetables.

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Draft paper submission deadline:2017-02-28

Abstract submission deadline:2016-09-30


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