​It is our great pleasure and honour to invite all researchers, specialists, students and professionals interested in R&D of Liquid Dielectrics to join us in the 19th IEEE International Conference on Dielectric Liquids to be held from June 25th to June 29th 2017 in Manchester, UK. The conference is organised by the University of Manchester and endorsed by IEEE DEIS.

The conference covers the latest research on fundamental studies, electro-hydrodynamics, electrical discharges, pre-breakdown and breakdown of dielectric liquids; applications and performance of liquids in high voltage equipment and the relevant measurement, modelling and diagnostics techniques.

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  • Fundamental studies and new materials: Dielectric properties of liquids and liquid crystals, photoconductivity, photonic crystals, electrical conduction, nano-fluids.

  • Electro-hydrodynamics: Streaming current, applications, bubble effect, modelling of dielectric liquids, dielectrical phenomena and fluid mechanics, electro-thermo-convection, electro-hydrodynamic pump, applications.

  • Electrical discharges: Pre-breakdown and breakdown phenomena, partial discharges, streaming electrification, creeping discharge.

  • Measurement, modelling and diagnostic in high voltage equipment: PD’s measurement, On-line diagnostics, gas analysis, water content, dielectric methods, ageing indicators.

  • Application and performance of dielectric liquids in high voltage equipment: Liquid based high voltage insulation systems, power apparatus insulation, aging, electrostriction pump, cryogenic liquids.

  • Behaviour of insulating liquids under direct-voltage stress

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    Jun 25



    Jun 29


  • Mar 31 2017

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