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On behalf of the International Advisory Committee it is my pleasure to invite you to participate in the International Workshop on Validation of Test Methods, Human Errors and Measurement Uncertainty of Results, 23 Jan 2017, Tel-Aviv, in conjunction with Isranalytica Conference and Exhibition, 24-25 Jan 2017, Tel Aviv, Israel, as its satellite event.  

Validation of test (chemical analytical) methods is one of basic requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories (ISO 17025), and reference measurement laboratories in laboratory medicine (ISO 15195). The same is required by national regulators, such as U.S. Food and Drug Administration, UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, and others. There are a number of guidelines of different industries and chemical analytical societies, adapted these requirements for specific purposes and laboratories.

The main aim of the workshop is discussion of the experience of chemists-analysts, metrologists and quality specialists in method validation in pharmaceutical industry, food analysis, environmental analysis and other fields.

The workshop will be organized by the Israel Analytical Chemistry Society (IACS) with participation of the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority (ISRAC), in cooperation with International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) and Cooperation on International Traceability in Analytical Chemistry (CITAC), arranged by Bioforum Ltd. 

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Submission Topics

This discussion will include also the following topics:

  • use of results of human error study for validation of an analytical method and formulation of the standard operation procedure (SOP), as well as for training (how to avoid the errors) and for supervision

  • evaluation of measurement uncertainty of the test (analytical) results as a part of the method validation task

  • evaluation of probabilities of false decisions at conformity assessment of test results obtained by the method under validation

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  • Jan 23


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  • Jan 23 2017

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