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Following the success of the 1st "Global Single Sensor Acquisition and Processing Past, Present and Future" workshop in December 2012; SEG and KOC are pleased to announce the 2nd edition titled ‘Broadband Point Source Point Receiver' workshop. The objective of this workshop is to discuss the integration of acquisition and processing technologies for high density surveys, with equal focus on progress in equipment, survey design, and data processing. Emphasis on key challenges through case histories, lessons learned and future directions shall be addressed. As with the first workshop, attendees can expect to participate in lively discussions and informed debate.

Call for paper

Submission Topics

Technical topics:


Sharing experiences on Land/TZ point source and/or point receiver projects from acquisition to reservoir characterization:

  • Worldwide case histories and lessons learned


Optimizing integrated acquisition & processing technology:

  • Survey design, sampling and modeling

  • Recording systems, sources and sensors

  • Balancing sampling, specifications and signal-to-noise ratio

  • Leveraging developments in processing algorithms

  • Leveraging in processing high density data

  • QC of high density data, what and when?

  • Automation & data volume management

  • Barriers to adoption-technical and/or commercial

  • Turnaround time

Trends, new technologies and the way forward - applications for onshore:

  • High productivity and novel data acquisition technologies

  • High performance computing

  • Noise attenuation

  • Multi-component 3C & new sensors

  • Data usage- AVAZ 

  • Enabling technologies- Near Surface solutions, GIS, attributes

  • Low frequencies: how low, how to acquire and process?

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