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This symposium will focus on progress and frontiers of fundamental and applied Science of Carbon/Graphene nanostructures (CNS) and other two-dimensional (2D) nanomaterials, related materials and composites. The composites prepared with carbon nanostructures and organic or inorganic compounds, as well as by combination of inorganic/organic compounds results in development of new functional materials with specific properties. These composites materials will have important roles in nanotechnology engineering as well as their application in different technological areas. Contributions related to techniques that offer advanced processing, superior properties with particular emphasis in low temperature processing, energy harvesting applications, as well as flexible electronics and surface functionalization are welcomed. The symposium is also intended to provide a forum for scientists and engineers working in the nanocarbon and related materials, energy and related fields to exchange ideas on novel energy conversion, energy storage, and integration techniques, including viable manufacturing technologies. Papers are invited on both fundamental and applied aspects of advanced electrochemical power sources, namely batteries, super capacitors and fuel cells, in relation to carbon and related materials synthesis and characterization, devices and evaluation, and integration and testing with reference to wearable electronics.

Call for paper

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Submission Topics

Abstracts will be solicited in (but not limited to) the following areas

1.Synthesis and chemical modification methods (example: low temperature processing)

2.Novel low dimensional materials,

3.Inorganic-organic hybrid composites

4.Structural, electrical, mechanical and optical characterization of CNS and 2D materials

5.Electronic and optical properties

6.Carbon/Graphene, 2D materials and related materials integration and devices (Rigid and flexible substrate technologies)

7.Biomedical, thin film power electronic and thin film batteries applications

8.2D nanostructures for energy storage or applications (example: Harvesting energy)

9.New physical and chemical properties of 2D materials General properties of 2D layered oxides, nitrides and sulfides

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    Sep 25



    Sep 29


  • Jul 17 2016

    Abstract Submission Deadline