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Many organizations including the United Nations, have predicted the doubling of population in Africa by 2050, with a huge proportion moving to urban cities. This demographic surge will increase tremendously the demands for services that will certainly burden the infrastructures of development, including energy, communication, transportation, civil engineering, industrial manufacturing, etc. Real endeavors from scientific, engineers and experts will be required to address these complex challenges of development that cut across several domains and to help preventing negative impacts onto this continent’s development. The problems considered in these challenges may be relatively complex.

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline

Submission Topics

The conference topics cover all major aspects of engineering and sciences including, but are not limited to:

  • Data sciences and analytics

  • Engineering data analytics

  • Data mining, integration, visualization

  • Big-data analysis in complex networks

  • Mathematics and computing science

  • Probabilistic & statistical models

  • Combinatorics and graph theory

  • Physics and applied mathematics

  • Systems modeling and simulation

  • Signal and image processing

  • Signals and processes modeling

  • Operational research theory

  • Matrices and transformations theory

  • Systems, dynamics control theories and signal processing

  • Dynamics of mechanical structures

  • Automatic control of dynamic systems

  • Robotics, remote control and monitoring (drones)

  • Systems modeling and identification

  • Systems faults detection and isolation

  • Advanced information technologies

  • Distributed systems and cloud computing

  • Geographical information systems design

  • Ah hoc / Sensor network design and optimization

  • Remote sensing, image processing

  • Big-data management systems

  • Mechanical and material sciences

  • Quality control in manufacturing

  • Mechanical reliability modeling

  • Mechanical manufacturing

  • Biomaterial physics and characterization

  • Composite material characterization

  • Materials mechanics and dynamics

  • Industrial engineering

  • Design of manufacturing systems

  • Production planning and scheduling

  • Logistics, supply chains and networks

  • E-Manufacturing and e-trading modeling

  • Web-enabled manufacturing automation

  • Biological and agricultural processes

  • Bioprocesses modeling and simulation

  • Biomechanics processes modeling

  • Bioenergy processes design

  • Agricultural data analysis

  • Sustainable engineering infrastructures

  • Sustainable and renewable energy systems

  • Energy transportation and transfer

  • Energy conversion systems

  • Sustainable electronics systems

  • Monitoring, prognostics and diagnostics

  • Reliability and maintenance engineering

  • Safety, security and risk of critical networks

  • Risk models of critical development infrastructures

  • Civil and building engineering

  • Computer-Aided-Design and Building Information Modeling

  • Additive Building Manufacturing (ABM) (e.g. 3D printers)

  • Off-site Manufacture

  • Sustainable construction/energy

  • Project management

  • Models of raw material valorization processes

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    Apr 18



    Apr 21


  • Nov 15 2016

    Draft paper submission deadline

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