会议名称: 中文 第4届亚洲药学院校联合会大会暨第9届马来西亚药学会药学大会(AASP-MPSPSC 2009) 英文 4th Asian Association of Schools of Pharmacy - 9th Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society Pharmacy Scientific Conference 2009(AASP-MPSPSC 2009)

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Abstract submission deadline:2009-04-10

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Registration is now open. All pharmacists are invited to attend, be it from the hospital, community, academia, industry, trade, research, and including students (under-graduate, post-graduate). There are different categories of registration. Please cho


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  • MPS-PSC 2009

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  • 亚洲药学院校联合会(Asian Association of Schools of Pharmacy

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