There is no doubt that nowadays a great portion of global financial, scientific and engineering capitals and assets are related to structural engineering and its subsidiaries. Iranian Society of Structural Engineering (ISSE) is the largest scientific non-governmental organization which holds structural engineering conference every year in Iran.  
Considering the great enthusiasm of engineers and academics in civil and structural  engineering disciplines, ISSE’s Board of Directors has decided to hold the 3rd conference on Structural Engineering as an international event. In this context, ISSE announces the 3rd Iran International Conference on Structural Engineering with acronym of IRAST which has been originated from the words of Iran and structure. Thus this would be our great honor to cordially invite all relevant engineers, researchers, experts, managers and industries to take part actively in this significant event. There would be several unique opportunities such as networking and making connections with leaders in this profession. In addition, participating to this conference will give you the opportunity to access to the latest achievements and technical know-how through participating in outstanding technical sessions. 
When in Tehran, with extending your stay for an extra day, you can enjoy historical monuments, art museums, award-winning food, the Rocky Mountains and much more.

Call for paper

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline:2016-12-15

Topics of submission

  • Structural Analysis and Design (Steel, Composite, Masonry and Timber)

  • Thin-Walled Structures

  • Tall Buildings

  • Structural Mechanics

  • Structural Fire Engineering

  • Numerical Methods and Algorithms

  • Performance Based Design of Structures

  • Dynamic Analysis of Structures

  • Seismic Design of Structures

  • Structural and Earthquake Engineering

  • Behaviour of Structures under Extreme Loading

  • Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofit of Structures

  • Innovation in Design and Construction

  • Construction Technology and Methods

  • Smart Structures

  • Structural Materials

  • Structural Optimisation

  • Lightweight Structures

  • Offshore Structures

  • Oil and Gas Structures

  • Project and Construction Management

  • Structural and Urban Engineering

  • Structural Engineering and Architecture

  • Towers and Industrial Structures

  • Structures for Non-conventional Energy (Wind and Solar)

  • Fluid-Structure Interaction

  • Dam Structures

  • Bridges

  • Active and Passive Control of Structures


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