The Technical Committee 101 of the ISSMEG is pleased to announce the organisation of the 7th International Symposium on Deformation Characteristics of Geomaterials (ISDCG) in 2019, in Glasgow, UK. The symposium is co-organised by the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, the University of Bristol, and the Imperial College in London.

Building on the success of the previous Symposia organised in Sapporo (Japan) Japan in 1994, Torino (Italy) in 1999, Lyon (France) in 2003, Atlanta (US) in 2008, Seoul (Korea) in 2011 and Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 2015, the 7th ISDCG will equally follow both its traditions and active promotion of new technical elements to maintain it as one of the most popular and vibrant events within the geotechnical community. The technical core themes will focus on: (i) advanced laboratory geotechnical testing; (ii) application of advanced laboratory testing in research, site characterisation, and ground modelling; (iii) application of advanced testing to practical geotechnical engineering. In addition to these traditional topics, sub-themes will include cutting-edge techniques and approaches, for example experimental micro-mechanics, non-invasive monitoring systems, nano and micro-sensors, new sensing technologies. A key goal is to engage with the full spectrum of geotechnical specialists, from early career engineers and researchers through to world leading experts.

While the symposium is organised in one of Europe’s most dynamic cultural cities, Scotland’s landscape and distinct geography offers a stunning mix of unique and inspiring habitats to explore (before and/or after the Symposium).


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