ICESS 2017, The 5th International Conference on Educational and Social Sciences will be held on 30-31 March, Tirana, Albania. The International Conference on Educational and Social Sciences is an Interdisciplinary Conference which aims to bring together scholars, researchers and graduate students to exchange and share their experiences and research work and discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the field of Education and social sciences.

The main goal of the ICESS 2017, 5th International Conference on Educational and Social Sciences is to provide an opportunity for academicians and professionals to come together and learn from each other as well as providing a place to meet and interact with members inside and outside their own particular disciplines.

Call for paper

Topics of submission


  • Adult and Continuing Education

  • Arts and Design

  • Barriers to Learning

  • Civic Education and Leadership

  • Culture and Education Law

  • Early Childhood and family Education

  • Education and Information Technologies

  • Education of Science

  • Education Policy and Administration/Leadership

  • Education Science and Technology

  • Education, Research and Globalization

  • Educational Communications and Technology

  • Educational Policy and Administration

  • Educational Psychology and Counseling

  • Educational Technology

  • E-learning

  • Elementary Education

  • Ethical issues in Education

  • Experiences in Education

  • Graduate School of curriculum and Instruction

  • Health Promotion and Health Education

  • Higher Education

  • Human Development and Family Studies

  • Information and Communication Technology

  • Information and Computer Education

  • International Projects

  • Language and Creative Writing

  • Language Education

  • Library and Information Studies

  • Music Education

  • Pedagogical Innovations in Education

  • Pedagogy, curriculum and instruction

  • Psychology and Counseling

  • Rehabilitation Counseling Environmental Education

  • Science Education

  • Social and Regional Development

  • Special Education

  • Sport and Physical Education

  • Teacher Training

  • Teaching and Learning Educational Management


  • Administrative Sciences

  • Anthropology

  • Banking, Investment, Accounting,

  • Behavioral and Psychological Sciences

  • Business Information Management

  • Business Information Systems

  • Business, Economics, Management and Marketing

  • Business, Finance and Tourism Management

  • Cognitive, Psychological and Behavioral Sciences

  • Communication

  • Communication and Information Technologies in Social Sciences

  • Communication, Communities and e-societies

  • Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies with International Relations

  • Culture

  • Data mining in Social Science

  • Digital Libraries, Archives and Repositories

  • Economics, Financial and Industrial Systems

  • Economics, Markets and Systems

  • E-Society and Online Communities

  • Ethical Issues and Challenges

  • Ethnic Studies/International Studies

  • Family Studies

  • Gender Studies

  • Geography

  • History

  • Human and Social Evolutionary Complexity

  • Human Development Based on Psychological and Social Concepts

  • Human Rights Development

  • Human-Computer Interactions

  • Human-Environment Interactions

  • International Relations

  • Knowledge Management and Knowledge Economy

  • Language and Literature

  • Law and Justice

  • Management

  • Media, Journalism

  • Methodology

  • Planning & Development

  • Political Science and Decision Making

  • Population and Development

  • Psychology

  • Public Administration

  • Race Studies

  • Social and Organizational Networks

  • Social Complexity

  • Social Computing

  • Social Network Analysis

  • Social Work

  • Social-Psychological, Social, Organizational, and Technological Systems

  • Socio-Cognitive-Technological Systems

  • Sociology

  • Sociology and Social Computation

  • Sustainable Development

  • Women's Studies


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Important dates

  • Conference Dates

    30 Mar.



    31 Mar.


  • 15 Mar.


    Abstract submission deadline

  • 30 Mar.


    Draft paper submission deadline

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