The International Workshop on Antenna Technology (iWAT) is an annual forum for the exchange of information on the research and development in innovative antenna technologies. It especially focuses on small antennas and applications of advanced and artificial materials to the antenna design. At iWAT, all the oral presentations are delivered by invited prominent researchers and professors. iWAT has a particular focus on posters by which authors have the opportunity to interact with leading researchers in their fields. iWAT2017 is a continuation of a series of annual international antenna workshops held in Singapore (2005), White Plaines, USA (2006), Cambridge, UK (2007), Chiba, Japan (2008), Santa Monica, USA (2009), Lisbon, Portugal (2010), Hong Kong, PRC (2011), Tucson, USA (2012), Karlsruhe, Germany (2013), Sydney, Australia (2014), Seoul, Republic of Korea (2015), and Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA (2016).

Call for paper

Submission Topics

Small Antennas

  • Adaptive (smart) arrays

  • Antenna Design and Analysis Based on Characteristic or Eigen Modes

  • Antenna measurements

  • Antennas on/in IC packages

  • Body-Centric Antennas

  • Broadband antennas

  • Conformal antennas

  • Magnetic Nanoparticles, Graphene or Carbon-nanotubes in Antennas

  • Measurements for SAR of handheld devices

  • MEMS/nano technology for antennas

  • Terahertz Nano and optical antennas

  • Modeling and simulations

  • Non-Foster/active elements

  • On-chip antennas

  • Reconfigurable antennas

  • Reflectarrays

  • Ultra-wideband (UWB) antennas

  • Wearable, Implanted and Encapsulated antennas

  • 3D printed antennas and structures

Innovative Structures

  • Analysis and design of EM materials

  • Artificial magnetic conductors (AMC)

  • Electromagnetic anisotropy

  • Electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) structures

  • Frequency selective surfaces (FSS)

  • Single and double negative metamaterials

  • Electromagnetic Skins: Epidermal, Flexible and Stretchable Antennas, Sensing Substrates


  • Automotive systems

  • Biomedical and Healthcare applications

  • Bluetooth/WLAN (PDAs, laptops)

  • Energy harvesting

  • Hyperthermia and RF Ablation

  • GPS systems

  • Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications.

  • Millimeter-wave/terahertz communications and imaging

  • MIMO systems

  • RFID antennas and Wireless Sensing systems

  • Software-defined / cognitive radio

  • Satellite communications

  • UWB communications

  • WBAN systems,

  • Wireless communication systems (handheld devices, base stations)

  • Wireless power transmission and harvesting for implanted systems

  • 5G communication systems

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