With the development of Internet of Things (IoT), various large-scale real-time data processing applications for handling real-time sensor data are becoming one of the important applications in Cloud Computing. The academia, the industry and even the government institutions have already begun to pay close attention to how to efficiently process large amount of sensor data in real-time using Cloud Computing technology.

Although Cloud Computing technology has attracted much attention with high-performance, there are strong needs for improving data processing efficiency of large-scale real-time data. This symposium will provide a forum to discuss fundamental issues on research and development of real-time data processing for Cloud Computing as well as challenges in design and implementation of novel real-time data processing algorithms, architectures and systems.

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Topics of submission

  • Real-time data processing algorithms

  • Real-time data processing architectures and systems

  • Using FPGA, GPU, ASIC technologies for high performance data analytics

  • Design and implementation of Internet of Things related applications

  • Data collection, analytics, security and management

  • Scheduling for distributed systems

  • Network techniques for real-time data processing

  • Mining sensor data collected from large-scale smartphone sensing deployments

  • Big data analytics in large sensor networks

  • Sensor cloud systems for remote and real-time monitoring

  • Real-time data processing applications


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  • Xiaojun Zhai

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