The aim of this conference is to build long-term partnerships between academia, industry, extension personnel and local growers of Northern Great Plains of the United States to address current global food security and public health challenges with special focus on sustainable agricultural, climate resilience, food bioactives, food microbiome, food preservation, and diet-linked non-communicable disease management. We expect to engage scientists and industry professionals from 20-30 different countries in our upcoming conference in 2017.

Call for paper

Topics of submission

  • Functional Foods & Non-Communicable Chronic Diseases

  • Food Microbiome and Human Health

  • Plant Bioactives for Human Health

  • Role of Pulse Crops for Human Health

  • Role of Indigenous Food Systems in Prevention of Non-Communicable Chronic Diseases

  • Plant Metabolic Engineering & Functional Food Research

  • Functional Food and Nutraceutical Development

  • Production & Commercialization of Crop-Based Functional Foods & Ingredients

  • Functional Foods from Animals & Benefits

  • Fermentation Biology for Functional Foods

  • Foods by Fortification: Functional Implications for Global Food and Nutritional Security & Food Safety


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Important dates

  • Conference Dates

    16 Jul.



    19 Jul.


  • 31 Jan.


    Draft paper submission deadline

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