This Conference aims at gathering together in an interactive forum all scientists and engineers working in the field of new materials and advanced nanoscale devices. One of the key objectives of the conference is to promote collaboration and partnership between different academia, research and industry players in the field.

Call for paper

Author guidelines

Papers submitted for review will clearly state: The purpose of the workHow and to what extent it advances the artSpecific new results and their impact.

Only work that has not been previously published at the time of the conference will be considered. Submission of a paper for review and subsequent acceptance is considered by the Committee as an agreement that the work will not be placed in the public domain prior to the conference.

Topics of submission

Advanced SOI materials and wafers. Physical mechanisms and innovative SOI-like devices

New channel materials for CMOS: strained Si, strained SOI, SiGe, GeOI, III-V and high mobility materials on insulator; carbon nanotubes; graphene and other two-dimensional materials.

Properties of ultra-thin films and buried oxides, defects, interface quality. Thin gate dielectrics: high-κ materials for switches and memory.

Nanometer scale devices: technology, characterization techniques and evaluation metrics for high performance, low power, low standby power, high frequency and memory applications.

Alternative transistor architectures including FDSOI, DGSOI, FinFET, MuGFET, vertical MOSFET, Nanowires, FeFET and Tunnel FET, MEMS/NEMS, Beyond-CMOS nanoelectronic devices.

New functionalities in silicon-compatible nanostructures and innovative devices representing the More than Moore domain, nanoelectronic sensors, biosensor devices, energy harvesting devices, RF devices, imagers, etc.

CMOS scaling perspectives; device/circuit level performance evaluation; switches and memory scaling. Three-dimensional integration of devices and circuits, heterogeneous integration.

Transport phenomena, compact modeling, device simulation, front- and back-end process simulation.

Advanced test structures and characterization techniques, parameter extraction, reliability and variability assessment techniques for new materials and novel devices.

Emerging memory devices.


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    01 Apr.



    03 Apr.


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