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APAP is rightfully an international conference, with strong representation from attendees around the world. 
Established in 2004, APAP is an ideal place for engineers and researchers in the areas of station automation, protection and control in power system. The main purpose of this conference is to provide splendid opportunities for the participants to share knowledge, experience and new ideas. 
APAP goes further with many contributions from industries to discuss their implementations and applications, therefore it brings together researchers from academia and industry working in all areas of electrical engineering. 


Authors are invited to submit original, unpublished papers on all aspects of the advanced protection and automation technology in Power System including but not limited to the following technical areas: 

  • ∙ Protection and Control IEDs 
  • ∙ Microgrid, Smart Grid 
  • ∙ Distribution Automation 
  • ∙ Substation Automation 
  • ∙ HVDC Protection & Control 
  • ∙ Wide Area Protection & Control 
  • ∙ Railway Power System Protection & Control 
  • ∙ Power System Analysis & Operation 
  • ∙ Electric Safety, etc. 


The previous conferences were held as follows: 

Conference Title Date City Nation
APAP2004 Oct. 25 ~ 28, 2004 Jeju Korea
APAP2007 Apr. 24 ~ 27, 2007 Jeju Korea
APAP2009 with CIGRE SC B5 Colloquium Oct. 18 ~ 24, 2009 Jeju Korea
APAP2011 Oct. 16 ~ 20, 2011 Beijing China
APAP2013 Oct. 28 ~ 31, 2013 Jeju Korea
APAP2015 with CIGRE SC B5 Colloquium Sep. 20 ~ 25, 2015 Nanjing China
APAP2017 Oct.16  ~ 19, 2017 Jeju] Korea
Call for paper

Important date

Abstract notification of acceptance
Draft paper submission deadline
Draft paper acceptance notification
Final paper submission deadline

Submission Guidelines 
∙ Abstract should be submitted through the APAP2019 official website at
  by April 30, 2019.
∙ Abstract must be about 2,000 words in length and be written in English.
∙ Abstract can be submitted in MS WORD or PDF.
∙ Abstract must not have been published or submitted for presentation to any other conferences 
  or journals before the APAP2019.
∙ ONLY 1 extra submission is allowed.


What is Industry Special Session 

Industry special session is one of the highlights of the APAP 2017, designed to provide a forum for industry professionals to promote, share and discuss their various practical issues and developments. Industry professionals are invited to join in the session by submitting 1 or 2 page long synopsis in their own format. Note that this special session does not require submission of full papers but the approved synopses will be included in the proceedings with contributors’ consent.

Industry Special Session(ISS) is intended to provide a forum for industry engineers (including utility engineers) to share their real experience and issues regarding the power system protection and automation through intensive discussion. In order to lessen the burden of industry engineers in writing a technical paper, we invented “Industry Contribution” as a preparation for ISS.

Industry engineers are encouraged to bring out their field experience on R&D, testing, commissioning, planning, problem-solving, etc. to invoke discussions among participants. Introduction of new technology, new idea and new product is also welcome.

No limitations for pages and format. Only one to two page-long document in a free format will be enough (please refer to samples below). It will be included in the proceedings of APAP2017 as it is with no review.

After classified according to the subject, industry special session (ISS) will be organized into oral session. For an oral presentation, 2 to 5 minutes are alloted to each presentation and after all presentation in each subject, an intensive discussion will follow

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Important Date
  • Conference Date

    Oct 21



    Oct 24


  • Oct 13 2019

    Abstract Notification of Acceptance

  • Oct 13 2019

    Draft paper submission deadline

  • Oct 14 2019

    Draft Paper Acceptance Notification

  • Oct 29 2019

    Final Paper Deadline

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Xi'an Jiaotong University
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