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Keywords:New power system technology, Smart substation automation technology, UHV transmission line protection, HVDC protection, Protection in new power distribution system, Protection of large or giant Generators, Fault detection and protection based on transient fault information, FACTS protection and impacts on power system, Protective relay and IED design, Communication technology in protection and control, Agent tech with application to P&A, Intelligent technology with application to P&A,
Scope:The theme of the conference is the protection and control in the new energy power system. As the unique international conference in Asia in the areas of power system automation, protection and control, APAP2023 aims to provide opportunities for the participants to share knowledge, experience, implementations and applications of new ideas. The conference will improve the operation and maintenance level of power system relay protection and power system automation and promote the development of the grid and the construction of the smart grid. Engineers, experts and scholars in the filed of power system relay protection and power system automation are appreciated to send your contributions and also we look forward to the display of the manufacturers of electrical equipment at home and abroad.
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  • AC/DC hybrid Power System Protection, Control and Automation
  • Resilient Distribution Network Protection, Control and Automation
  • Clean Energy Generation Protection, Control and Automation
  • Rail Transit Electrical System Protection, Control and Automation
  • Future Power System Protection, Control and Automation
  • Protection of Power Lines
  • Protection of Main Equipment
  • Power System Planning and Operation
  • Power System Analysis and Simulation
  • Electrical Equipment Online Monitoring and Fault Warning
  • New Technology and New Material Application in Power System
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    Oct 09



    Oct 10


  • Aug 01 2023

    Abstract Submission Deadline

  • Aug 15 2023

    Abstract Notification of Acceptance

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