1136 / 2019-06-18 17:32:22
Research on Generation Expansion Planning of Isolated Grid
isolated grid; economic generation planning; power and energy balance; nickel mine; break-even point
Draft Accepted
Chuanguang Fan / Hubei Electric Power Survey and Design Institute
Haobo Fu / Wuhan University
Hui Wang / Hubei Electric Power Survey and Design Institute
With the gradual maturity of isolated grid technology, in order to reduce the cost of power investment in heavy industry enterprises, the isolated grid operation mode of factories is increasingly favored by enterprises. Because there are few adjustable means in the isolated power grid and the fluctuation of industrial load is more intense, the reasonable generation expansion planning is an important guarantee for the safe and stable operation of the isolated grid. In this paper, an economic generation planning model for isolated grid with industrial load is proposed from three aspects: electric power balance, electric energy balance and economic optimization. The economic generation planning model can ensure the safe and stable operation of industrial load, while reduce the investment of power side as much as possible, and improve the economy of enterprise operation.
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