1143 / 2019-07-04 03:46:41
Emergency Power Control of HVDC Interties for Urban Power Grid Resilience Enhancement
Urban power grid, VSC-HVDC, network expansion, capacity enhancement, resilience enhancement
Draft Accepted
Jiuping Pan / ABB Corporate Research
Lidong Zhang / ABB Corporate Research
Lisa Qi / ABB Corporate Research
Reynaldo Nuqui / ABB Corporate Research
Resilience is a critical aspect of future urban power grid development and modernization. VSC-HVDC solutions offer advanced technology options for urban power grid enhancement with integrated system benefits including flexible power flow, dynamic voltage support, emergency power control, and black-start capability. This paper introduces a method for operating VSC-HVDC intertie under evolving system emergency conditions. The proposed emergency power controller (EPC) performs real-time network condition assessments and activates appropriate grid support functions to reduce the impacts of the disturbances and mitigate the risk of spread outages. Simulations studies are performed using a realistic urban power system.
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