1175 / 2019-07-15 18:20:06
Crosstalk Analysis between Power Lines and Signal Lines Based on the Finite Difference-Time Domain Method
dynamic components,FDTD,power equipment safety,shielded cable
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LI Aidi / Xi’an University of Science & Technology
The crosstalk of the power line to the safety monitoring signal line in the rectangular tunnel leads to the unstable state of the safety monitoring signal, especially producing the misreport or omission which seriously affects the safety of the power equipment and personnel. In this paper, the crosstalk shielded cable model is established for the signal line affected by the electromagnetic interference of the power line, based on the actual electrical parameters of cables. The purpose of this paper is to solve the transfer impedance of the shielded cable and calculate the characteristics of crosstalk by the Finite Difference-Time Domain method (FDTD). Finally, the variation rules of terminal matching load, terminal direct grounding and crosstalk under different layouts are studied. The results have certain reference value for perfecting the theory of monitoring and communication in rectangular tunnel and exerting the safety guarantee function of power safety monitoring equipment.
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