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Simulation and Analysis of Power Transformer Winding Vibration and Deformation under External Short-circuit FaultsDraft Accepted

Ya Xu, Chenguang Yan*, Xian Zhou, Hao Liu, Che Xu, Yuzhou Wei, Baohui Zhang

#Plenary Track

Research and Development of High-precision Single-phase Ground Fault Detection and Location System in Distribution NetworkDraft Accepted

Hui Guo, Qinxue Yu*, Hongwen Liu, Ke Wang, Yu Xu, Lisheng Zhong

#Plenary Track

A Novel Phasor Domain Parameter-Free Fault Location Algorithm on Untransposed Transmission LinesDraft Accepted

Yu Liu*, Wangjun Zhu, Dian Lu, Xiaodong Zheng

#Plenary Track

Coordination Control of Battery Energy Storage and MTGS in An Independent AC MicrogridDraft Accepted

Jiahao Wang*, Tao Zheng, Shaojie Cheng

#Plenary Track

The Analytical Analysis and Protection Setting of Traveling Wave Protection in Hybrid HVDC SystemDraft Accepted

Shaojie Cheng*, Baohui Zhang, Jiahao Wang

#Plenary Track

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  • Oct 13 2019

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    Draft Paper Acceptance Notification

  • Oct 29 2019

    Final Paper Deadline

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