Research on Coordination Control System of Virtual Power Plant Based on Blockchain
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The virtual power plant (VPP) integrates all the distributed power supplies within the communication domain through advanced communication technology, and adopts multiple coordinated control strategies to optimize the power supply operation. It is a very competitive new format in the power market. In practical applications, the virtual power plant must meet the needs of market participants, and on the other hand,it also should ensure the safe and reliable operation of the VPP system. It has great difficulty no matter in the designing of operating mechanism or the realization of technology. Blockchain technology has the characteristics of decentralization, distributed storage, and intelligent contracts. This is highly compatible with the distributed control architecture of virtual power plants, providing a new solution for the power trading and coordinated control of virtual power plants. By researthing the characteristics of virtual power plant and blockchain technology, this paper uses a distributed calculation based on blockchain to establish a multi-coordinated control model of virtual power plant. The simulation operation of the model shows that the coordinated control under blockchain technology can improve the efficiency of the virtual power plant control calculation, and promote the rapid and accurate release of the control strategy.
blockchain; virtual power plant; distributed calculation; coordinated control; model
ningfeng li
nari group

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ningfeng li nari group
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