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On behalf of the IEEE Power Electronics Society, the Organising Committee welcomes you to INTELEC® 2019 in iconic and spectacular Singapore.

INTELEC® is a global technical community dealing with the science and engineering of the energy and power systems needed to operate critical and high-availability information communications technology (ICT) networks and infrastructure.

The massiveness of the internet, data centres and the ubiquitous mobile phone were beyond contemplation at the inaugural INTELEC® 41 years ago, in 1978. Research continues to drive new technologies and new technologies drive demand and possibilities. Digital convergence now defines economies and our daily existence, but the need for reliable and affordable energy to operate our connectivity creates new challenges and dilemmas. There are many issues to understand and problems to solve. This is the agenda of INTELEC® 2019.

While 2019 is the 41st year of this global conference, INTELEC® has never been held in Singapore before. Yet Singapore is a major global trading hub and is the base of many of the industry suppliers and developers. Singapore is also well-placed regionally in terms of the burgeoning expansion and growth of telecom and data centre infrastructure in the South-east Asia and broader East Asia regions. The Industry Exhibition at INTELEC® 2019 is perfect place to showcase product and services to global and regional infrastructure operators.

Finally, Singapore is a stunning, modern city. A perfect place for a conference and to spend a few extra days soaking up the ambience and culture.

So, please put INTELEC® 2019, 13-17 October 2019 in your calendar as a not-to-be-missed event.

And watch this website as the conference details take shape.

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