Telecommunications and Data Services are converging at an accelerating rate. The traditional approaches to providing mission critical survivability are expanding beyond robust power and are starting to take advantage of virtualization. The challenges facing the network have not changed. Natural disasters, grid issues, equipment failure, and human error still pose risks in providing uninterrupted Data and Communications.

Our mission in the power community is to understand these threats, and how to mitigate them. This includes the management of energy distribution, conversion and storage in the new environment of an increasingly virtualized network.

In keeping with the selected theme for INTELEC 2016 – Powering the Software Defined Network. – The program committee has developed a technical conference scope that will explore a broad range of topics critical to our industry.

At INTELEC 2016 you will have an opportunity to engage with global leaders and experts in topics like advanced energy storage and management, DC at various voltages (not just 48 VDC) and AC in datacenters and telecommunications centers, alternative power systems, high conversion efficiency, and interfacing with advanced software controlled networks.

We will also include informative tutorials aimed at advances in power management. We will have a student program that will provide a dedicated opportunity for new professionals to share the latest research from academia. Our exhibitor seminar track will provide conference delegates an opportunity for “hands on” preview of key solutions being introduced, offered, or presented at the conference exhibition.

I look forward to seeing you in Austin for INTELEC 2016.

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Abstract submission deadline
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Submission Topics

  • Powering Software Defined Networks and Software Defined Power

  • 400 Vdc Distribution

  • Alternative Power Sources

  • Disaster Planning and Recover

  • Telecomm Rectifiers

  • Other AC-DC Converters

  • DC-AC Converters

  • Traditional DC Distribution Systems, Battery Plants, and DC-UPS

  • AC Power Distribution Systems and AC UPS

  • Outside Plant Power

  • Batteries

  • Thermal Management

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Semiconductor Components

  • Other Components

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    Oct 23



    Oct 27


  • Apr 05 2016

    Abstract Submission Deadline

  • Jun 01 2016

    Draft Paper Acceptance Notification

  • Jul 10 2016

    Final Paper Deadline

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