The Fifth International Symposium on Mine Safety Science and Engineering (ISMSSE2020), will be hosted by Central Mining Institute in Poland, on 15-19 August 2020 in Katowice — a capital of the province and the heart of the metropolis of 2.3 million inhabitants and finally a city with a strong mining tradition. The Symposium will take place at the International Congress Centre, which together with Spodek Arena and the whole Culture Zone are often recommended as a great place to visit in southern Poland.

Since 2011,ISMSSE has been successfully held four times in Beijing and Montreal. The objective of the 5th ISMSSE is to create an international forum for discussing the challenges associated with safety in the mining industry and to present advances in safety technology. ISMSSE 2020 is thus a meeting of scientists and professionals who share the passion to confront new challenges and experiences, evaluate implemented solutions, and discuss new ideas that would improve safety in the mining industry. 

At that time, experts and engineers from all over the world will gather in Katowice to share new achievements in the field of mine safety research.  I believe that with the support of all mine safety science and engineering scholars, the conference will continue to contribute to the development of mine safety science and engineering. 


We sincerely invite you to attend ISMSSE2020!

See you in Katowice.



Zbigniew LUBOSIK, Deputy Director for Geoengineering and Industrial Safety Central Mining Institute


Aleksandra KOTERAS , Chief Specialist Central Mining Institute

Jan BONDARUK , Deputy Director for Environmental Engineering Central Mining Institute

Symposium Secretariat:

Secretary: Łukasz BOGUS, Central Mining Institute Poland

Treasurer: Stefan TARGOS, Central Mining Institute Poland

Website: Małgorzata GRABOWSKA, Central Mining Institute Poland 
                Filip WASILEWSLKI, Central Mining Institute, Poland

Team: Mateusz DULEWSKI, Central Mining Institute Poland
           Mariusz BOREK, Central Mining Institute Poland
           Piotr SIBIGA, Central Mining Institute Poland


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