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The BeTeq conference series is an international conference that provides an international forum for exchange of ideas on recent advances in areas related to boundary element method and meshless methods. Following the success of previous BETEQ meetings held in Palermo, Italy (2019), Malaga, Spain (2018), Bucharest, Romania (2017), Ankara, Turkey (2016),Valencia, Spain (2015), Florence, Italy (2014), Paris, France (2013), Prague, Czech Republic (2012), Brasilia, Brazil (2011), Berlin, Germany (2010), Athens, Greece (2009), Seville, Spain (2008), Naples, Italy (2007), Paris, France (2006), Montreal, Canada (2005), Lisbon, Portugal (2004), Granada, Spain (2003), Beijing, China (2002), New Jersey, USA (2001) and London, UK (1999), it was decided to hold the 21st annual meeting of the boundary element and Meshless techniques during July 12-15, 2020 in Nanjing, China. The conference series has the support of the leading experts in the field of Boundary Element Methods & Meshless Methods and has rapidly become a leading computational mechanics forum for presentation of latest research in the field.

The IWMM workshop series is an invited workshop that provides a platform for researchers worldwide to exchange their new findings on mesh reduction methods. Following the success of previous IWMM workshop held in Taiyuan (2016), Nanjing (2016, 2017), Changsha (2018) and Qingdao (2019), Hohai University will have the great pleasure of hosting the 6th IWMM workshop joined with BeTeq 2020.

The aim of this combined conference is to promote further international co-operation between scientists and engineers from different disciplines involved in the study and development of the Boundary Element and Meshless Techniques. The participants are encouraged to explore new formulations and ideas on a wide range of applications as well as report on advances made on the numerical implementation of the Boundary Element and Meshless Techniques. The application of these methods to practical problems is very much encouraged. 
We are looking forward to seeing you at the conference in Nanjing, in July 2020. We believe that you will enjoy the wide variety of activities of the BeTeq2020 & IWMM 2020, as well as your stay in this beautiful and magnificent city.


The theory and application of Boundary Element Method and Meshless Methods, including but not restricted to 


Boundary Element Method


Fundamental Solutions and Trefftz Method


Engineering Applications of Boundary Element Method


Coupling of Boundary Element Method with Other Methods


Meshless and Particle Methods


Coupling of Meshless and Particle Method with Other Methods


Software Development, Verification and Validation


Important Dates 

Abstract Submission Deadline: March 10th, 2020

Abstract Acceptance Notice: March 30th, 2020

Early-Bird Registration: April 30th, 2020

Hotel Reservation Deadline: May 10th, 2020

On-Site Registration: July 12th, 2020

Conference Date: July 12-15th, 2020


21st International Conference on Boundary Element and Meshless Techniques



Ferri M H Aliabadi

Zhuojia FU



Vice Chairs


Ji Lin

Pihua Wen




International Academic Committee (Sorted by Last Name)

Ferri M H Aliabadi (UK)

Carlos J S Alves (Portugal)

Masahiro Arai (Japan)

Elena Atroshchenko (Australia)

Zhenning Ba (China)

I. Benedetti (Italy)

Yanchuang Cao (China)

CS Chen (USA)

Haibo Chen (China)

Haolong Chen (China)

Leilei Chen (China)

Shenshen Chen (China)

Weiqiu Chen (China)

Yongqiang Chen (China)

Zhen Chen (USA)

Alex Cheng (USA)

Changzheng Cheng (China)

Yumin Cheng (China)

A. Cisilino (Argentina)

Fangsen Cui (Singapore)

Miao Cui (China)

Baodong Dai (China)

M. Denda (USA)

Leiting Dong (China)

Boyang Ding (China)

Chunying Dong (China)

N. Dumont (Brazil)

Ryuji Endo (Japan)

Chia-Ming Fan (Taiwan, China)

Jinlong Feng (China)

Weizhe Feng (China)

Wenjie Feng (China)

Zhuojia Fu (China)

Yong Gan (China)

F García Sánchez (Spain)

Cunfa Gao (China)

Haifeng Gao (China)

Xiaowei Gao (China)

Yan Gu (China)

Yuantong Gu (Australia)

Pai-Chen Guan (Taiwan, China)

Zhongwei Guan(UK)

Ran Guo (China)

Zhao Guo (China)

Yiqian He (China)

M.R. Hematiyan (Iran)

Sohichi Hirose (Japan)

Benny YC Hon (Hong Kong, China)

Dean Hu (China)

Jingfang Huang (USA)

Qibai Huang (China)

Qingxue Huang (China)

Yuusuke Iso (Japan)

A. Kassab (USA)

Cheng-Yu Ku (Taiwan, China)

Kikuo Kishimoto (Japan)

Kunpang Kou (Macau, China)

Ming-Gong Lee (Taiwan, China)

Tsung-Lin Lee (Taiwan, China)

Jun Lei (China)

Ming Li (China)

Rui Li (China)

Xiaolin Li (China)

Leevan Ling (Hong Kong, China)

Ji Lin (China)

CS Liu (Taiwan, China)

Deyi Liu (China)

Gui-Rong Liu (USA)

Moubin Liu (China)

Yan Liu (China)

Yinghua Liu (China)

Yijun Liu (China)

Zhaowei Liu (UK)

Zhongxian Liu (China)

Jun Lv (China)

Hang Ma (China)

V. Mallardo (Italy)

V. Mantic (Spain)

L Marin (Romania)

Toshiro Matsumoto (Japan)

E. Mesquita (Brazil)

A. Millazo (Italy)

Naoshi Nishimura (Japan)

Zhongrong Niu (China)

Ernian Pan (USA)

Haifeng Peng (China)

Hongmei Peng (China)

E. Pineda (Mexico)

Zhenghua Qian (China)

Qinghua Qin (Australia)

Taiyan Qin (China)

Keliang Ren (China)

L. Rodriguez-Tembleque (Spain)

A. Saez (Spain)

Takahiro Saitoh (Japan)

Bozidar Sarler (Slovenia)

A. Sellier (France)

Z. Sharif Khodaei (UK)

Guangxian Shen (China)

Shengping Shen (China)

Y. Shiah (Taiwan)

J Sladek (Slovakia)

V Sladek (Slovakia)

P. Sollero (Brazil)

Chongmin Song (Australia)

E Strelnikova (Ukraine)

Cheng Su (China)

Y Sun (China)

Antonio J.B. Tadeu (Portugal)

A Taigbenu (South Africa)

JCF Telles (Brazil)

Rabczuk Timon (Germany)

Jon Trevelyan (UK)

Decheng Wan (China)

Haitao Wang (China)

Bin Wang (China)

Dongdong Wang (China)

Hui Wang (China)

Lihua Wang (China)

Pihua Wen (UK)

Jinyou Xiao (China)

Guizhong Xie (China)

Yufeng Xing (China)

Fei Xu (China)

Zaiyou Yan (China)

Jianjun Yang (China)

Kai Yang (China)

Yang Yang (Macau, China)

Linquan Yao (China)

Weian Yao (China)

Zhenhan Yao (China)

Wenjing Ye (Hong Kong, China)

Bo Yu (China)

Dehao Yu (China)

Aman Zhang (China)

Chuanzeng Zhang (Germany)

Guiyong Zhang (China)

Jianming Zhang (China)

Jun Zhang (China)

Tao Zhang (China)

Xiong Zhang(China)

Yaoming Zhang (China)

Minghao Zhao (China)

Baojing Zheng (China)

Changjun Zheng (China)

Hui Zheng (China)

Yonggang Zheng (China)

Fenglin Zhou (China)

Huanlin Zhou (China)

Jialin Zhu (China)

Xiaoying Zhuang (China)

Minsong Zou (China)


Sixth International Workshop on Meshless Methods (IWMM)



CS Chen

Benny YC Hon

Ji Lin


Vice Chairs


Chia-Ming Fan

Zhuojia Fu




International Academic Committee (Sorted by Last Name)

Leilei Cao (China)

Yanhua Cao (China)

CS Chen (USA)

Denghong Chen (China)

Jeng-Tzong Chen (Taiwan, China)

Alexander H.-D. Cheng (USA)

Youkou Dong (China)

Fangfang Dou (China)

Qinglin Duan (China)

Chiaming Fan (Taiwan, China)

Wenjie Feng (China)

Zhuojia Fu (China)

Wataru Fujisaki (Japan)

Xiangyang Gao (China)

Xiao-Wei Gao(China)

Yan Gu (China)

Fei Han (China)

Lisha He (China)

Benny Y.C. Hon (Hong Kong, China)

Xicheng Huang (China)

Dan Huang (China)

Chieh-Sen Huang (Taiwan, China)

Shouyan Jiang (China)

Z.W. Jiang (China)

Andreas Karageorghis (Cyprus)

Jiawei Lee (Taiwan, China)

YT Lee (Taiwan, China)

Min Lei (Hong Kong, China)

Xiaoqin Lei (China)

Zuxiang Lei (China)

Jing Li (China)

Po-Wei Li (Taiwan, China)

Weiwei Li (China)

Yan Li (China)

Yanping Lian (China)

Yingjie Liang (China)

Ji Lin(China)

Hantao Liu (China)

Qingguo Liu (Slovenia)

Tzon-Tzer Lu (Taiwan, China)

Geni Mamtimin (China)

Wenzhen Qu (China)

Genhua Shi (China)

Hongguang Sun (China)

Linlin Sun (China)

Zheng Sun (China)

Shan Tang (China)

Zhaolu Tian (China)

Chia-Cheng Tsai (Taiwan, China)

Fajie Wang (China)

Fuzhang Wang (China)

Lei Wang (China)

Yong Wang (USA)

Xing Wei (China)

Pihua Wen (UK)

Longtao Xie (China)

Wenxiang Xu (China)

Jianjun Yang (China)

Yang Yang (China)

Wenshan Yu (China)

Aman Zhang (China)

Xiong Zhang (China)

Zhaozhong Zhang (China)

Hong Zheng (China)

Hui Zheng (China)

Huiqing Zhu (USA)


Advisory Committees





Yuan Wang








Chengbin Du

Xiaofan Gou

Dan Huang

Wenxiong Huang

Dong Lei

Deshun Yin

Tiantang Yu

Qing Zhang


Local Organizing Committee





Zhuojia Fu

Ji Lin

Xuan Wu






Qiang Xi

Wenzhi Xu

Wenhui Chu

Hao Yu

Yuhui Zhang

Jinge Bai

Jiabin Song


Call for paper information

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline

Abstract Submission 
The abstract template is available from conference website: to be completed in November 2019.

Some excellent reports will be invited to submit full-length papers, which could be published in special issues of the following international journals after peer-review process
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    Jul 12



    Jul 15


  • Apr 20 2020

    Draft paper submission deadline

Supported By
Jiangsu Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
College of Mechanics and Materials, Hohai University, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Key Laboratory of Coastal Disaster and Defence of Ministry of Education, Hohai University, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Institute for Mechanics of Structures and Materials, College of Mechanics and Materials, Hohai University, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
Institute for Computational Mechanics, College of Mechanics and Materials, Hohai University, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
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