The International Symposium INFOTEH–JAHORINA gathers the experts, scientists, engineers, researchers and students in the field of information technologies and their application in control, communication, production and electronic systems, power engineering and in other areas of electrical engineering and computing. The working part of the Symposium is organized through sessions, round tables, invited lectures and presentations. The Symposium pays special attention to young researchers and students by organising a special student session.

The first INFOTEH–JAHORINA Symposium was held in Bistrica hotel on the mountain Jahorina, East Sarajevo, March 12 – 14, 2001. Six companies presented their production and development programs in the fields of telecommunications, power electronics, power engineering, automation and process control. A total of 53 papers were presented.

After 2001, INFOTEH–JAHORINA attracts significant number of participants mostly from the West Balkans region, and maintains a good quality and number of submitted and presented papers. Today, INFOTEH-JAHORINA Symposium is one of the leading events in the region devoted to the field of information and communication technologies and their application in different areas of human life.

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Božidar Popović, PhD, University of East Sarajevo, chairman
Danijel Mijić, PhD, University of East Sarajevo
Zoran Ljuboje, PhD, University of East Sarajevo
Mladen Banjanin, PhD, University of East Sarajevo
Darko Kovačević, PhD, University of East Sarajevo
Marko Ikić, MSc, University of East Sarajevo
Budimir Kovačević, MSc, University of East Sarajevo

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INFOTEH-JAHORINA main topics: 

Computer systems and software, 
Communication systems and technologies, 
Power systems, 
Control systems, 
Electronic systems, 
Production systems.

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  • Feb 05 2021

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