INFOTEH gathers the experts, scientists, engineers, researchers and students that deal with information technologies and their application in control, communication, production and electronic systems, power engineering and in other border areas.

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Božidar Popović, PhD, University of East Sarajevo, chairman
Danijel Mijić, PhD, University of East Sarajevo
Zoran Ljuboje, PhD, University of East Sarajevo
Mladen Banjanin, PhD, University of East Sarajevo
Darko Kovačević, PhD, University of East Sarajevo
Marko Ikić, MSc, University of East Sarajevo
Budimir Kovačević, MSc, University of East Sarajevo

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Papers are accepted but not limited to the following areas: information systems, data security and privacy, software engineering, computer architectures, system software, multimedia and computer graphics, internet and web technologies, e-business, analysis and optimisation of telecommunication channels, analysis and measurement of quality of transmission in telecommunication systems, methods for improvement of quality of transmission in telecommunication systems, analysis of modulation techniques, advanced architectures of telecommunication systems, industrial engineering and management, control systems design and analysis, control systems industry applications, computer aspects of control systems, signal processing and applications, electronic circuits and components, optoelectronics, industrial electronics, power electronics, digital systems and logical design, power grids and systems, planning, control, and exploitation in power systems, power systems elements, power system protection and control, electrical machines and drives, renewable energy sources, information systems and communication in power systems, manufacturing technologies, CAD/CAM/CAE, bioengineering and biomedicine.

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    Mar 15



    Mar 17


  • Dec 15 2022

    Draft paper submission deadline

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