The 13th International Memory Workshop (IMW) will be held as a virtual event from May 16th-19th, 2021. This conference brings the memory community together in a workshop environment to discuss the memory process and design technologies, applications, market needs and strategies. It is sponsored by the IEEE Electron Devices Society and meets annually in May.

Although it is the 13th IMW meeting to be held this year, it has a long history of Non-Volatile Semiconductor Memory Workshops (NVSMW) dating back to 1976. In 2008, NVSMW and the International Conference on Memory Technology and Design (ICMTD) merged to incorporate both the volatile and non-volatile memory aspects in one forum while maintaining the workshop experience. And the scope was extended from non-volatile memory technology and design, which had been successfully discussed in more than 30 years of NVSMW, to the other memory technologies, which were the focus of ICMTD.

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GOWDA Srivardhan, Intel

WEI Zhiqiang, Avalanche Technology


MIKOLAJICK Thomas, NaMLab and TU Dresden

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The IMW is the premier international forum for both new and seasoned technologists having diverse technical backgrounds to share and learn about the latest developments in memory technology with the global community. The scope of workshop content ranges from new memory concepts in early research to the technology drivers currently in volume production as well as emerging technologies in development. The morning and afternoon technical sessions are organized in a manner that provides ample time for informal exchanges amongst presenters and attendees. The evening panel discussions will address hot topics in the memory and memory system field. Papers are solicited in all aspects of semiconductor memory technology (Flash, DRAM, SRAM, PCRAM, RRAM, MRAM, FRAM, embedded memories, system, and emerging memories), including but are not limited to:

Device Physics & Modeling

New Concepts & Disruptive Technologies

Cell Design & Novel Materials

Emerging Applications & Markets

Circuit Design, Algorithms & Error Management

SSD, Mobile & Automotive Applications

Quality & Reliability

In-Memory & Neuromorphic Computing

System Architecture

Memory-enabled Artificial Intelligence

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