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The Supercapacitor Energy Storage System is Applied to Shanghai Medium-low Speed Maglev Train Test LineFinal Paper

Haiquan Liang*, Peizhong Li

Special Session > SS1 - Intelligent Condition Monitoring, System Control & Data analytics for Linear Drives and MAGLEV Systems

Support Vector Classifier Trained by Gradient DescentFinal Paper

Gao Fengyu*, Chien-Hua Chen, Jer-Guang Hsieh, Jyh-Horng Jeng

#Data Processing Techniques

SVOM EMC Test and Electric Field MeasurementFinal Paper

Yang LIU*

#Real Time Measurements

An Improved U-Net Network and Its Application in Gear Pitting MeasurementFinal Paper

四军 王, 毅 秦*, 德君 奚

#AI Applications in Engineering

A Navigation and Positioning Method for Indoor Mobile RobotsFinal Paper

Wang Xinyue, Li Zhiqing*, Ma Shugeng, Chen Yingzi, Liu Zhifeng

#Measurements in Robotics

Multi-task Learning Based Classified-assisted Prediction Network for Useful Life PredictionFinal Paper

Tianjiao Lin, Huaqing Wang, Liuyang song*, Bo Ma, Zuoyi Dong

#AI Applications in Engineering

Singular spectrum decomposition and iteration sparsity-oriented morphological demodulation for bearing fault diagnosisFinal Paper

Rongkai Duan*, Lei Yang, Tao Kang, Yuhe Liao

#Time Frequency Analysis

Research On The Collision Checking During The Boosters-Separation Based On Spatial Geometry StructureFinal Paper

Shaowei Feng*, Jie Wu, Wei He, Yang Liu, Mingying Huo, Yingwu Cui

#Measurement Theory and Methodology

A fault detection method for analog circuits based on the wavelet features and one-class KNNFinal Paper

Tianyu Gao*, Fuyong Zhang, Zhiwei Hong, Shuangyan Yin

Special Session > SS4 - Weak Signal Processing and Incipient Fault Detection

Few shot learning for novel fault diagnosis with a improved prototypical networkFinal Paper

Jianyu Long*, Yibin Chen, Ying Hong, Zhe Yang, Yunwei Huang, Chuan Li

#Data Processing Techniques

Remaining Useful Life Estimation Under Variable Failure Behaviors via Transferable Metric LearningFinal Paper

Jichao Zhuang*, Minping Jia, Yifei Ding, Peng Ding

#Measurement Systems Design, Characterization, and Evaluation

Magnetometer Error Compensation Algorithm Based on Immune Adaptation Particle Swarm Optimization AlgorithmFinal Paper

Haoqian Huang*, Peng Wang, Hanyi Shen

Special Session > SS5 - Advanced Control, Navigation and Signal Processing Methods for Multiple Autonomous Unmanned Systems

An Improved Retinex Algorithm for Underwater Image Enhancement Based on HSV ModelFinal Paper

Haoqian Huang*, Yuanfeng Jin, Guanghui Li

Special Session > SS5 - Advanced Control, Navigation and Signal Processing Methods for Multiple Autonomous Unmanned Systems

Multisource Domain Transfer Learning for Bearing Fault DiagnosisFinal Paper

长青 沈*, 禹 夏, 再刚 陈, 伟国 黄, 忠奎 朱, 林 孔

#AI Applications in Engineering

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