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Active Disturbance Rejection Position Control of Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motors Using Feedback Nonlinear State ErrorFinal Paper

Yang Xiao, Sudan Huang*, Guangzhong Cao, Huaizhi Wang, Junqi Xu

Special Session > SS1 - Intelligent Condition Monitoring, System Control & Data analytics for Linear Drives and MAGLEV Systems

Pathological Voice Detection Using Transfer Learning MethodsFinal Paper

Yihua Zhang, Xincheng Zhu, Yuanbo Wu, xiaojun Zhang, Yishen Xu, Zhi Tao*

#Biomedical Measurements

A General Model for Dimmable Optical Camera CommunicationFinal Paper

Qiuyu Wang, Yanbing Yang*, Pinpin Zhang, Yimao Sun

Special Session > SS8 - Machine Learning for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Pathological Voice Feature Generation Using Generative Adversarial NetworkFinal Paper

jinyang Qian, Denghuang Zhao, Ziqi Fan, di wu, Yishen Xu, Zhi Tao*

#Biomedical Measurements

Remaining Useful Life Prediction of Aeroengine Based on Ghost ApproachFinal Paper

Zijian Ye*, Qiang Zhang, Siyu Shao, Yuwei Zhao, Huafeng Zhou, Chen Chen

#AI Applications in Engineering

Device-free Localization and Tracking of Multiple Person in UWB Sensor NetworksFinal Paper

Jiale Wang, Jiaxing Yang, Manyi Wang*

#Wireless Sensor Networks

Intelligent Fault Diagnosis Based on Adversarial Domain Adaptive NetworkFinal Paper

Huafeng Zhou*, Siyu Shao, Yuwei Zhao, Peiyuan Cheng, Zijian Ye

#AI Applications in Engineering

Real-time minor defect recognition of Pseudo-Terahertz images via the improved YOLO networkFinal Paper

Xingyu Wang, Zhen Zhang, Yafei Xu, 留洋 张*, Xuefeng Chen, 如强 严

Special Session > SS2 - NDT&E and Intelligent Inspection System

Highly-Efficient Damage Location for Freeform Structures Based on Flexible Piezoelectric TransducersFinal Paper

Xiangdong Fang, Wenkang Li, Xuefeng Chen, Liuyang Zhang*

Special Session > SS2 - NDT&E and Intelligent Inspection System

An improved initial alignment method using Kalman filtering of the vectorized K-matrixFinal Paper

Jiaying Wei, Haoqian Huang*, Chao Jin, Jiacheng Tang

Special Session > SS5 - Advanced Control, Navigation and Signal Processing Methods for Multiple Autonomous Unmanned Systems

A comprehensive review on blade damage detection and predictionFinal Paper

Yemei Xia, Zhongsheng chen*

#AI Applications in Engineering

A Health Evaluation Method based on Fuzzy Grey Clustering and Combination Weighting for Artillery Fire SystemFinal Paper

Ruixiang Zhang, Manyi Wang*, Pengju Zhao, Xiaohai Liu

#Measurement Systems Design, Characterization, and Evaluation

A Diagnosis Method based on Maximum Information Coefficient and MKL for Open Circuit Fault in PMSM inverterFinal Paper

Chenyang Wan, Liuxuan Wei, Manyi Wang*

#AI Applications in Engineering

Fault detection based on improved cross-correlation order spectrum of sun gear instantaneous angular speed signalFinal Paper

Jianxiang Hua, Yu Guo*

#Non-destructive Testing and Evaluation

Research On The Load And The Stability Of The Parallel Rocket's Binding DeviceFinal Paper

Weichen Chen, Wei He, Tianjiao Luan, Shaowei Feng*, Jialin Hu, Mingying Huo

#Measurement Theory and Methodology

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