About Aerospace; Bioengineering; Computing and Processing; Geoscience; Signal Processing and Analysis.
Keywords:Digital Agriculture,Smart Agriculture,Agro-AI,Precision Agriculture,Agro-Geoinformatics,Remote Sensing,Geographic Information System,Agro-Bigdata,Agricultural Sustainability,Food Security,Land Cover and Land Use Change,Rural Human and Natural System,Agro-Geoinformatic Standards and Interoperability,Agricultural Decision Support and Systems,Agricultural Resource Management,Ecosystem Services,Agricultural Information Services,Crop Modeling and Simulation,Climate-Smart Agriculture.
Scope:Agro-geoinformation, the agricultural-related geo-information, is the key information in the agricultural decision making and policy formulation process. The Agro-Geoinformatics, a branch of geoinformatics, is the science and technology about handling digital agro-geoinformation, such as collecting (mainly through remote sensing and field investigation), processing, storing, archiving, preservation, retrieving, transmitting, accessing, visualization, analyzing, synthesizing, presenting, and disseminating agro geoinformation. Recent advances ingeoinformatics and IT have created new opportunities and challenges in applying agrogeoinformatics to agriculture monitoring, assessment, and decision making. This International Conference on Agro-Geoinformatics is a major venue for professionals and students to exchange ideas, research results, professional experiences, and future vision in the fields of geoinformation science, remote sensing, and their applications in agriculture.
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