The Conference aims to provide an active platform for research scientists, engineers, and practitioners throughout the world to present their latest research findings, ideas, and applications in the fields of interest which fall under the scope of IEEE.

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Honorary Chair

Mr. Puneet Kumar Mishra, ISRO, Bengaluru, 2020 Chair, IEEE Bangalore Section

General Chairs

Dr. Basavaraj Anami, Principal, KLEIT, Chair, IEEE NKSS

Dr. Parameshachari B D, Professor & Head, Dept. of TCE, GSSSIETW, Mysuru, Chair, ITS Bangalore Chapter

Advisory Committee

​Dr. P DeepaShenoy, UVCE, Bengaluru, Chair, IEEE Bangalore Section

Mr. Bindhumadhava, CDAC, Bengaluru, 2021 Chair, IEEE Bangalore Section

Mr. Puneet Kumar Mishra, ISRO, Bengaluru, 2020 Chair, IEEE Bangalore Section

Dr. S. H. Jangamshetti, BEC, 2021 Chair, IEEE North Karnataka Subsection

Dr.Jayashri Rudagi, SGBIT, Belagavi, EXECOM, IEEE North Karnataka Subsection

Dr. Basavaraj G. Katageri, KLE Dr. MSSCET,Belagavi, EXECOM, IEEE North Karnataka Subsection

Dr.Krupa Rasane, JIT, Belagavi, Chair-Elect, IEEE North Karnataka Subsection

Organizing Chairs

Dr. Yerriswamy T, KLEIT, Hubballi, EXECOM, IEEE North Karnataka Subsection

Dr. Jagannadham D, HPE, Chair-Elect, IEEE ITS Bangalore Chapter

Publication Chairs

Prof. Ravi Hosamani, KLEIT, Hubbali, Secretary, IEEE North Karnataka Subsection

Dr. Ambar Bajpai, AtriaIT, Secretary, IEEE ITS Bangalore Chapter

Dr. Shridhar Allagi, KLEIT, Hubbali, Joint Secretary, IEEE ITS Bangalore Chapter

Call for paper

Important date

Draft paper submission deadline
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Submission Topics

Track 1: Communication and Signal Processing

Network protocols, Mobile computing, Mobile ad hoc networks, Mobile agents, Network architectures, Quality of services, Cross-layer design/optimization, Design and performance evaluation, Traffic control, Wireless systems, MU-MIMO systems, Optoelectronics and Optical Communication. Image processing, Computer vision, Bio-image processing, Audio/video processing, Data processing, Estimation and identification, Remote sensing, Information fusion, Brain computer interface, Signal transforming and filtering, Digital system design and structures, Optimization techniques.

Track 2:  Power Electronics and Control Systems

Power devices and  components, Power quality control, FACTS, PFC, STATCOM, Harmonic analysis and compensations, Switching circuits and power converters, Motors and drives, Smart grid, Distribution generation and electrical vehicles, Wireless power transmission, Energy harvesting. Adaptive and intelligent control, Distributed and decentralized control, Games, Hybrid control, Networked control, Nonlinear systems, Optimization and optimal Control, Predictive control, Process control, Robust control, System identification and filtering, Uncertain systems, Control system applications.

Track 3: Robotics and Automation Systems

Robotics vision, Visual servoing, Visual servoing simulation, SLAM, LIDAR, Sensors and sensor fusion, Actuators, Motion control, Robot-human collaboration, Remote operation, Autonomous mobile robot, 3D simulation, Off-line programming, AI application in robotics, Industrial application case study.

Track 4: Mechanical & Metallurgical Engineering

Acoustical engineering, manufacturing engineering, Thermal engineering, Sports engineering, Vehicle engineering, Power plant engineering, Energy Engineering, metals and alloys Studies, Microwaves and Metals studies, material engineering studies, Computational Fluid Dynamics, FEA/FEM analysis of Materials processing, Numerical Modelling and Simulation, Optimization Techniques in Digital Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, Virtual Manufacturing, Precision engineering and metrology, CAD/CAM/CAE, Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing processes, Green Manufacturing.

Track 5: Computing Devices and Circuits

Including Advanced CMOS, post-CMOS, Quantum Computing, Cryogenic Circuits) Novel devices and circuit concepts that improve existing and enable novel computing paradigms. Included in the scope of this track are Advanced CMOS and beyond CMOS transistor (e.g. tunnel FET, negative capacitance FET), transistors based on low- dimensional systems (e.g. 2D materials, nanowires, and quantum dots), and on topological insulators, as well as phase transitions transistors and all kind of circuit implementations with such devices. Qubit devices for quantum computing enablement and all related Cryogenic Circuits are welcomed. Non-charge-based logic devices and circuits (e.g. magnetic logic, spintronics, and plasmonics) are also key topics of this track.

Track 6: Geo Science Engineering

Ecological engineering, the design, monitoring and construction of ecosystems, Fire protection engineering, the application of engineering to protect people and environments from fire and smoke, Sanitary engineering, the application of engineering methods to improve sanitation of human communities, Wastewater engineering, environmental engineering, transportation and cleaning of black water, grey water, and irrigation water. Wastewater treatment and water reclamation, water and waste management, transportation networks, subdivisions, communications, hydrology, hydraulics, etc. Mining engineering, the exploration, extraction and processing of raw materials from the Earth, Foundation (engineering), the engineering of below ground foundations that support superstructures, Earthquake engineering, the behavior of structures subject to seismic loading, Wind engineering, Architectural engineering, application of engineering principles to building design and construction

Track 7: Computer and Software Engineering

Computer-aided engineering, Cryptographic engineering, Information engineering, Tele-traffic engineering, Web engineering, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Multi-body dynamics (MBD), theory of computation, Information and coding theory, Algorithms and data structures, programming language theory, formal methods, artificial intelligence, computer architecture and engineering, computer performance analysis, computer security, computational science, computer networks, concurrent, parallel and distributed systems, data bases.

Track 8: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Natural language interaction, Text analysis, Image analysis, Video analysis, Speech recognition, Object recognition, Gesture recognition, Statistical learning, Machine learning, Deep learning, Reinforcement learning, Predictive analytics, Data analytics, Knowledge representation, Reasoning, Neural networks, AI applications, Design for AI chip and systems.

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