We are glad to announce that the 2023 IEEE 12th International Conference on Educational and Information Technology (ICEIT 2023) which will be held March 16-18, 2023 in Chongqing, China. It's co-sponsored by IEEE and Southwest University, China.

Following the successes of the previous ICEIT conferences in Toronto of Canada, Florence of Italy, Paris of France, University of Cambridge, and University of Oxford of UK. We invite authors to submit original research papers and original work-in-progress reports on educational and information technology.

ICEIT will have a special focus on educational and information technology, and seeks to address multidisciplinary challenges. The event includes Oral Presentation, Poster Presentation and Workshop (A meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project.), keynote talk given by experts on state-of-the-art topics, and invited speech, with the aim of complementing the regular program with emerging topics of particular interest to the educational and information technology.

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Advisory Committee

Alexandra Cristea, FBCS, FHEA, Durham University, United Kingdom

Liang Yu, Southwest University, China
Hui Deng, Southwest University, China
Huapeng Dai, Southwest University, China
Tao Xie, Southwest University, China

General Conference Chairs

Geping Liu, Southwest University, China

Michele Della Ventura, Music Academy 'Studio Musica', Italy

Technical Program Committee Co-chairs

Winifred Newman, Clemson University, USA

Jian Liao, Southwest University, China
Manolis Vavalis, University of Thessaly, Greece

César Villacís, Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas-ESPE, Ecuador

Local Organizing Committee
Shu Xiang, Southwest University, China
Nan Gao, Southwest University, China
Yuchao Qin, Southwest University, China
Xinmiao Liu, Southwest University, China

Publication Chair

Miaomiao Chen, Northeast Normal University, China


Manyu Dong, Beijing Normal University, China

Publicity Co-chairs

Ramlee Mustapha, Sultan Idris Education University, Malaysia
Noor Maizura Mohamad Noor, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia

Registration Chair

Sharon Qin, Chengdu Young Academic Conferences, China

Technical Committee -

Uranchimeg Tudevdagva, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany
Deepani B. Guruge, Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
Suraya Masrom, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia
Yutaka Watanobe, The University of Aizu , Japan
Tariq Rahim Soomro, Institute of Business Management, Pakistan
Abdullah Almurayh, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
D.Chimgee, National University of Mongolia, Mongolia
K Zin Lin, University of Information Technology, Myanmar
Yaser Daanial Khan, University of Management and Technology, Pakistan
Mirela Műller, Philosophical Faculty Split, Croatia
LAU, PUI YAN FLORA, Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Hong Kong, China
Tao Wu, Northwestern Polytechnic University, China
Sompong Witayasakpan, Independent Scholar, Thailand
Peter Holowka, University of Calgary, Canada
Anandha Gopalan, Imperial College London, UK
Zhang Chunyan, Wanjiang University of Technology, China
Noor Maizura Mohamad Noor, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia
Matthew Montebello, University of Malta, Malta
Mohamed Hussain Thowfeek, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka
Mazdak Zamani, Felician University, USA

Call for paper

Submission Topics

This breadth of coverage allows Education and Information Technologies to examine fundamental issues at all levels, discuss specific instances and cases, draw inference and probe theory. The conference is soliciting state-of-the-art research papers in the following areas of interest:

Computer Engineering and Information Technology

• Artificial Intelligence in Education

• Computer Application

• Database Technology

• Digital Libraries
• Image processing

• Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet)
• Intelligent Tutoring Systems

• Learning Management Systems (LMS)
• Mobile Applications and Learning

• Software Engineering

• User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction
• Virtual and Augmented Reality

• Virtual Classrooms and Labs

Educational Models and Methods

• Personalizes learning and curricula

• Active learning

• Blend learning
• Collaborative Learning
• Community Building

• Computer Appl. in Social and Behavioural Sciences
• Distance Education for Computers

• Education, general
• Educational Technology
• e-Learning
• Gamification for Learning

• Learning models
• Life-long education
• Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)
• Pedagogy Enhancement with E-Learning

• Service learning

Inclusive Learning

• Accessibility to Disabled Users
• Assistive Technologies
• Behavioral Problems
• ICT and Dyslexic Students
• Multicultural Inclusion
• Students with Special Needs

Data Science and Machine Learning in Education

Focusing on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education
• Other relevant topics and applications

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    Mar 16



    Mar 18


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Beijing Normal Univerisity
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Northeast Normal University
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